Directstream Sr. Mk1 Unit ID not showing

Recently had my Directstream Sr. Mk1 repaired by my local authorized PS Audio dealer and upon turning the unit on and exploring the menu I noticed this. If you look closely at the “Unit ID” you only see squares.

Is this something that can easily be fixed? I don’t know if it helps but we did replace a faulty LCD panel on this unit. What you see on the pic is the brand new panel.

When the panel was replaced they should have reprogrammed the serial number.

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Got it. Thanks for the tip! I’ll mention this to them…

They must have replaced the board that drives the screen too as that is where the serial number is stored.

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Yeah. I kind of remember them mentioning that so I think you are right.

The repair shop will likely already know this but the unit ID is the last 6 numbers of the serial number.