Mistake to move Stellar Strata/Ohm speakers to office

A couple of months ago I bought a Stellar Strata and Ohm Walsh T-2000s for a workout/listening room. The wo room is (W)15’6”x(D)15’x(H)10’ and from day one caused all kinds of acoustical challenges. After spending the last two months breaking in the system and applying acoustical treatments I decided to move the system to my office just to hear how it compares to my Audioengine 5+’s (on stands) w/S8 subwoofer PC system. At the same time I could hear the Strata/Ohms in a different environment.

I am very satisfied with my office system, well that was until I heard the Strata/Ohms in an A/B comparison. My office is 13’6”x15’3”x19’ and the much higher ceiling/more cubic air really helped the wT-2000s. My office still required bass traps to get the low frequencies under control but the cleaner sound stage and bottom end clarity is so obvious that I can’t see moving them back into the room I bought them for.

When Ohm says do not over buy for your room I must agree.

Now what do I do for the wo room?