More devices than outlets on regenerator/power center

I’ve got a system with 13 devices: 4 turntables, 1 digital transport, 1 DAC/streamer, 3 phono amps, 1 pre amp, 1 crossover, 2 power amps.

Only the P20 regenerator has that many outlets. If I don’t want to get one of those, what do I do? Connect a power strip to one of the outlets (e.g. one for all the turntables)?

I find these are better than power strips, only you need good power cords to go with them. But I would make sure I don’t go over the power rating on the regenerator or circuit.

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Yes, a P20 would be ideal. When you use any kind of strip afterword, you not only run the risk of overloading the regen, but also you loose some of the advantage of the lower output impedance. To take full advantage of the lower output impedance, you need to hook up the gear directly to the regen.

The P20 is a 43.5 kg monster! Imagine pulling it out of the rack every time you make a change. I could fit it in the lower left corner of my bespoke audio rack (shelves are removable) but it would be a huge project every time I wanted to change something around. Unfortunately I really don’t have anywhere else to put it. It also costs the equivalent of 13,000 $ incl VAT where I live. There is also the problem of some wall warts getting in the way of the adjacent output.

Let’s start with Dectet! Even that would be an improvement over the four 10 $ super market power strips that I’ve daisy chained. What do you do with those if you’ve got more than 10 devices. Daisy chain them?image

It looks to me like you have no room for anything else, let alone a P20 :slight_smile:

@waymanchen11 offers a good solution. Plug that into a AQ NRG-4 and you have two extra receptacles. The NRG-4 is marked down to 50%. Good cable.

I use an Isotek Polaris in my system for overflow components.

Surely things like turntables will have power switches on them so only one needs to be powered at a time. Similarly the three phono stages might have accessible power switches (as might other things). The only thing I don’t like is where equipment has a remote control which means that it’s always taking power and could be feeding nasties back into the regenerator (nobody at PSA has answered my questions relating to the effect of different items on a specific zone, or the affect of the interaction between zones. I also wonder how these interactions are different on different ranges of regenerator, e.g. the older P3/P5/P10 versus the new P12/P15/P20, plus of course the two zones on a StellarP3)


It looks like the Audioquest PowerStrip Plug only comes with US type outlets and that they haven’t made models for other markets. I’m in Sweden and would need Schuko type outlets. But if they did, what would be the difference between that and a regular power strip?

Doesn’t appear that there’s much of a difference at all. Seems like a simple, inexpensive strip that you can use whatever cable you want into is.

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