Most important cable

Most important cable in your system- Power cable ? Speaker cable ? Interconnects?
Which brand and kind ? Thank you…

They’re all important. Personally, I’d give a little more weight on speaker cables but just a little. They’re still delivering what came from upstream.

The one I am obsessing over at the moment.


In order I’d say
Speaker cable first
Interconnects next
Power cables
Everything else.

I like Transparent and Cardas. Also use(d) some Audioquest and BJC. All are very good, some better then others when it comes to certain applications.

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The one I can best afford.


Triggers…for sure.



I agree with @vkennedy61The next cable. Otherwise standard answer power cable. More detail? Power cable to regenerator for me.

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+1 for power cable.

In order of importance:

  • everything related to @aangen, including shoe strings floss


  • the NEW cable able to elevate SQ in my system at some degrees (I haven’t it yet and I wish to purchase, as usual)

far lower in the list…

  • AQ HC Dragon power cord (from wall to P20)
  • Iconoclast UPOCC XLR (from Pre to monos)
  • AQ William Tell Silver combo ZERO+BASS speaker cables
  • AQ Dragon HDMI 48 (from PST/Matrix to DS DAC)
  • Pink Faun USB (From server/streamer to DS DAC)

last but not least:

  • the wire that could help me remerge from this rabbit hole

I like your lower list better because the top two selections would be my top choice. Better yet, adding more Dragon Sources to match with HC and another pair of Iconoclast UPOCC XLR from MK2 to BHK will enhance their strength even more!


Lately, with all the streaming I have been doing I think the most important cable in my system is an Ethernet cable. (Or two)

Interconnects first,
Power cables second,
Speaker cables third,
Ethernet cables dead last.

(Except for lately)


Let me dream: which ethernet cable are you using/preferring recently?

You are right, full loom Dragon PCs value is more than the sum of each one IME.

Moving the rack on the side wall soon I’m planning to purchase some new cables, still Iconoclast UPOCC XLR for the analog path, no doubts!

As for digital I want to test more Pink Faun, USB I already have and love so much and Ethernet I already purchased but I’m waiting to introduce until MK II and Statement are better cooked.


Wireworld something or other between the EtherREGEN and my Grimm MU1. Same for between the house network and the EtherREGEN. Between the NAS and the EtherREGEN I use an Inakustik something or other. And between the all important BACCH and the EtherREGEN, a bogus ordinary cable. I need to swap that one out for something else. Or not.

I dont believe I have ever heard a noticeable change in sound in any working Ethernet cable. Except at a Wireworld demonstration where the sound between a $200 Ethernet cable and a $3000 Ethernet cable. Sigh.


I suppose the ability of the MU1 to clean and isolate the signal is the reason why cables in your case have less or no impact. Can’t imagine how this fact can cause frustration to you!

  1. Power
  2. Speaker
  3. Analog RCA/XLR
  4. Digital Cables

Yes, come to think about it. The cables with most power/electricity in them is most important and the cables with least power is less important.


I spin vinyl. My phono cable is easily the most important. It has to transport an analog signal of the order of 0.1-10 mV, free of noise and shielded from hum. No other cable, analog or digital, comes close to the requirement to noiselessly transmit a low-level analog signal. I’m partial to Cardas analog cables, including my phono cable.

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I have a full loom of the Iconoclast silver clad bi-wire speaker cables and UPOCC interconnects. I am currently on a mission to replace all source components with Dragons ( there on the MK2 now) and will probably just do Hurricanes on the mono amps. I have a Dragon on the P20 and I would offer that this position is probably most critical. Truth be told, however, the last one swapped seems to take the prize and I don’t think I’ve established any real hierarchy in which position gives the most improvement. As for what these better cables and cords have done, I can say, is take me from choosing characteristics to choosing music. The most recent example is the Dragon on the MK2. Here, the revealing nature of the MK2 is even more exemplified. Not a new sound, just a better one…quieter, deeper, more real. The caveat is that this improvement comes at a cost not far from the DAC upgrade itself. If family members truly knew what cables cost me, I would be run out of the house.


How I can understand you! If possible, me too I would like not to know what I’ve spent for these cables!
I confirm you that a Dragon full loom can sound even better than the sum of each one, IMEIE (in my expensive insane experience).


Thank you for sharing. I have a dragon on the P20 but have run out of $ right now for adding a dragon to the Mk2 :joy: