Pentatone 20% off summer sale

For those who are looking for new music, whether DSD or PCM, to play on your new DS: Pentatone is having 20% off their entire catalog through August 31st. That’s a good deal. (For those not familiar with the label, they produce high-quality recordings of classical music.) Link:

+1 Both excellent sound and performances.

+1 again.

Any recommendations for concertos, sonatas, or symphony’s?

I just got the 9 disc set of Beethoven Piano Sonatas by Mari Kodama - a 33Gig zip download :)

I have a few of her SACDs and always have enjoyed them. There are some tracks of her playing on various PentaTone samplers including the PentaTone Limited Vol.I The best of PentaTone sampler that’s available on the site.

When we were having our piano tuned the tuner heard her playing and asked me to turn it up. He was smiling and said he’d never heard a recording of that piano that sounded like the real thing before. He started pointing out various noises from the action, etc. :)

If you aren’t familiar with her playing there are some reviews at (e.g. and most certainly elsewhere.

I can just say that I enjoy her playing immensely.

If you join their club you get the 20% off of anything you buy which in this case is certainly worth it.