Music On CD Label

Any thoughts with this label from the Netherlands? I’m wondering mostly about any technical comparisons between what they produce vs. an original. Anything they do well (better)? Anything not as good? Obviously I’m talking about comparison’s of CDs, not other formats. With a name as simple as “Music On CD” they don’t exactly make it easy to search for info. I have been away from audio for a number of years, so I’m still trying to play catch-up with some trends and technologies. Many thanks.

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Looks like another Boutique CD label. It would be nice how they go about getting their production masters. Their mastering process and so forth. With Octave, MFSL, Analogue Productions, and so many other Digital/Analog here in The States, we understand as consumers what they are offering us.

Music on CD is very vague about that.

I don’t even see any purchasing info. No shopping cart, not even prices. Looks like they’re just manufacturing under license, and supplying European record stores.

Here is an example of one of their CDs.

Looks to be a sister company to the Music on Vinyl label. Same style logo and font too. Both with Netherlands addresses.

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I have quite a few of the original releases. I’d love to make some comparisons. It’s been an inconsistent science in sifting through 5 and 10 different remasters when locating hard to find items.

We have some Music On CD titles at the shop I work at on the side. They sound fine in the store. I’ve listened to a Lou Reed and a Herbie Hancock. I’m not a huge fan of Lou, so I tuned it out after remarking to a co-worker that it had a good full sound, but the Herbie Hancock “Future Shock” is an album I’ve grown to like and it sounded crisp and clean. I’ve not compared it to the original. I might have cranked the volume when Rockit came on…what a jam!

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How could anyone listen to Rockit at moderate volume? Thanks for the assessment. I can save some coin by buying a few of these Music on CD releases rather than re-releases from a decade ago, but I don’t at the expense of some cheap clone.

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