Music playback concept, gorden almost no wires


"More than two channels will enable the next step in achieving higher performance from all systems on the planet, namely eliminating the crossover in the loudspeaker."

My hope is that multi-channel audio playback becomes supported by ubiquitous music players and that third-party DSP can be added as a plug-in. I’m not talking about multi-channel music here. More than two channels will enable the next step in achieving higher performance from all systems on the planet, namely eliminating the crossover in the loudspeaker. This is what is holding back even the very best systems on the planet. The solution is not hardware that does DSP crossover and drives multiple amplifiers. The solution is crossover software in the source player that splits each track into multiple modified crossover files based on your particular speaker, each track having the task of driving one driver in a speaker. One track would feed the left channel tweeter, one the left channel midrange and one track for the woofer. Same for the right channel. Maybe up to 8 tracks. All of these tracks would be transmitted on the network simultaneously and synchronized in buffers by the speakers. The speakers would contain multiple identical DACs and multiple amplifiers to drive all of the speaker drivers. This would require a lot more bandwidth than two-channel digital, but it will be available. Can you imagine what kind of audio quality you would get from even an inexpensive speaker with this technology? This breakthrough will elevate the entire market quality.

The goal of the software DSP plug-in is for room correction. This Room correction can be cooked into all of the multi-channel “crossover” tracks that are delivered to the loudspeakers. The user can then “tune” his system using software and a calibrated reference microphone. The DSP room correction software and crossover software could be produced by industry experts, not Microsoft and Apple. Do we really trust them to do this? No way. We only need the base infrastructure from these guys to support multi-channel and DSP plug-ins. BTW, I made this entire proposal to the audio group at Microsoft. They were too busy doing Win8…

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AND, The Audinate software can already do this!.

Brilliant idea. Sort of like what a recording studio does but in reverse.



Wow , so how is this related to our systems from recording to us listening . It looked so complex and beyond my conception of all it did.


It is the same for the outgoing music. software on the computer and a receiver [hardware chip] at the receiving end. they can do 24/96 hi-rez 2 chanel and are working on elevating to higher. It is all upgradeable. If you have speakers with 4 receivers each you could stream 8 chanels with a custom set up.

This is not unlike what Sonos has done for their secure networks.

Bose has now licensed this product and delivering wireless to compete.


Really cool. I understand what they are offering us , but why the number of channels 2/4/6/8. Is this to split the freq like a active crossover but through the card?



I mean it can stream 4 channels [one to each driver] to your speaker like your original idea.

I’m not sure about the timing issues and HRZ adjustments, but if a physical crossover can do it then someone will figure out the software. I think its a cool idea. the Dante/Audinate system can stream multiples of 16 tracks.


That is what I was talking about . From the little I was reading it is like using a dac at each speaker.


When you say say 16 tracks as in 16 track master recording tracks right .




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