Music Servers and DirectStream DAC

Are there any music servers that have an I2S output that can connect to the I2S input of the DirectStream DAC and that are compatible from a protocol standpoint? Thank you for your time and assistance.

Believe the Sonore Series Rendu does,

There is a Sigature version also more $'s.

And they are a very good choice sound excellent

I believe Wyred 4 Sound also makes one (or at least they used to). I’m sure there are others.

Or any music server through the Audiobyte Hydra Z USB to I2s.

there’s also a 3dLab streamer (called Nano) that has a nice Al case, linear PSU and I2S hdmi out for 1700€

Not a lot a presenc eon the net though and their website is completely outdated

Article in french on the device:

Pink Fish Media makes a PCI-e interface card that can be configured to output PS Audio-compliant I2S over HDMI.

K&K Audio used to make an adapter that would fit on either the PCI or PCI-e versions of the ESI Juli@ sound cards and transmit I2S over HDMI. I’m not sure they still make it, if not they may do so custom and I have seen them used.

OTOH, if I was looking to go this way and could afford it, the Sonore Rendu Signature would be the first I’d audition. See the PS Audio Directstream DAC review on Computer Audiophile.

Greg in Mississippi

Gstew, do you mean Pink Faun Audio? Never heard of Pink Fish, but I did find an audio forum named Pink Fish …

I have assembled an I2s server with the Raspberry Pi2, Audio GD hdmi I2s output module and HD-Plex 100W linear supply. I use Volumio as O.S.

It sounds very well, much better than my modded Mac Mini with Keces 216 linear supply + Hydra Z with HD-Plex linear supply.

Now it’s my main source.

Downsides: no dsd128, no iso

Very interesting

I’ve searched through multiple very interesting and useful posts on the Community site and may have missed it…but I’m curious if anyone has had actual experience with the Sonore Rendu piece outputting I2S to Directstream. A prior Computer Audiophile review of raved about it about 1 year ago. Obviously any comment from Ted Smith concerning this would be most appreciated. Thanks.

I’m not quite sure what I can say. I have had a Sonore Rendu in my system and it worked, tho it wasn’t the I2S version. I’m sure that the I2S will work well as well. I don’t give recommendations about the sound quality of various tweaks, because I personally get great sound with any of the inputs in my system, those changes are quite system specific and the level of differences is smaller than the changes I like to make in a software release so my time is better spent working on those changes.

Thank you for your comments. I agree the consistency between all the inputs on the Directstream is truly unique. Switching is seamless. Great product.

The A Cappella from Musica Pristina, has I2S output (5V LVDS over HDMI) in the same format as PS Audio, and is Roon Ready.

I am using the Pink Faun server with multi channel I2S card. You can just buyt their 2 channel card and stick it into any music server. Works like a charm.