What's the deal with Mute?


I just picked up a used PWD II to make the centerpiece of a 2.0 TV/media system with powered speakers. Input is set to optical and firmware is 2.4.4. One thing I’m finding is that to mute the TV, the TOS input on the remote has to be engaged immediately before or after pressing Mute on the remote, while red is still showing on the dac’s screen. Otherwise, pushing mute has no auditory effect. Others getting that? Seems counterintuitive and counterproductive.


The mute function on 2.4.4 is inoperative, and PSAudio is aware.

Go with 2.4.3 if needed, or just select an open input.


Thanks. Is there a changelog? What do you mean by select an open input relative to dealing with mute?


Not aware of a public change log.

I mean if you’re not using the AES input, for example, select that to mute until this gets fixed.