My cables sold, so carte blanche as to what you want to talk about in this thread

Yes Galen specd out this wattgate and uses it too. So it has been well auditioned. Apparently they have also met the request for other P20 users.

Thanks. I’ll check it out!

Hey fellas, perhaps your informative conversation deserves a post under cables as as opposed to here in the market place.

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I will post there after an objective listen. Bob has not advertised this nor was it available on their web page. I emailed Bob had discussions with Galen and Kurt by email then ordered delivered in two days and have been running cable and P20 in.

As always a pleasant experience dealing with the iconoclast trio.


We’re just talking trash here so no big deal.

The gentleman who has lead me down this path feels strongly that the P20 isn’t right for the new system. I saw a P20 listed here for far less than I’d sell mine for, so no way I am getting rid of mine. When the Gryphon gear arrives I will set it up and enjoy it the way he has advised. But one day, not long in the future the P20 will go into place and we will see what we will see. I won’t plug the Amp into it, I don’t think it could handle the power the amp will require on startup. But the Preamp, DAC, Streamer and Turntable can and will go on the P20 at some point. I would expect a positive change and will accept it if it occurs. The first time I plugged everything into the P20 was a wow moment. Adding the Sigma cable was another wow moment. I do not believe I imagined those moments.

Worst case scenario my P20 drives my Theater setup. I have a *(cough) Sony OLED TV that might react well to clean power. Plus the Anthem Prepro and Oppo gear. Who knows, I might end up with two P20’s. LOL

*(friends don’t let friends buy Sony)

I’m also running a 20 amp BAV cable. I have nothing to compare it to since both it and the p20 are less than two weeks old but I can say everything sounds great now.

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I love Gryphon gear. For me, it was one of the best sounding rooms at RMAF last year.

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I’d try it you can’t hurt P20.

I never thought of that my single P20 may Also have issues. Prior to my new dedicated AC lines, turning both my MC1000 monoblocks on together used to dim lights elsewhere in the house. Could have been the old capacitors, I recently replaced, were bleeding down from age. They both can provide a combined instantaneous 320 amps. Way more than a P-20 which is 70 amps

I got 2/3s of system connected last night going slow and meticulous. Once connected I will try to stress P20 by powering up both big amps same time. If that sends it to protection I will stagger power up. If that is a no go or continuous operation is I have more dedicated AC circuits.

I am betting normal music passages won’t phase the single P20. I have a couple of MC 2500s that also doubled to run industrial shaker tables, nuclear submarine sonar and take half ohm speaker loads in sound reinforcement and PA. Those have four coffee can sized capacitors. The manual says to get max rated output you need supply 25 amp continuous connection but only will draw 15 amps with music loads. The old amps sure sound sweet and will rock some bass just have a higher noise floor than newer amps. If my system needed subs those would be the amp. I have plenty of full range towers and twelve 12 inch woofers. Running the MC2500 I can hear a slight hiss with surround tweeters on my with those doing HT duty. Now they just run two channel line arrays for music and TV in bedroom at a 15 foot distance snd are dead quiet. They are so classic I can’t part with them weighing 127 lbs each. I remember a dance bar in college used a pair they would pack in 1200 people. The music was way better than any other and the bass jarring. I remember watching the DJ and he’d bring volume up so power guard would flicker and meters start to bury. Sound was so clean, clear and music would move you literally. Nowadays clubs just have Class D amps and more watts but the music connection and clarity not like that. Maybe just youth memory. I use my MC2500 pair on XRT20 speakers, the same exact set up the speaker designer Roger Russell voiced them with. Still sounds like magic at any level. I used to have them in my music room and I have a friend that swears he prefers them to my current set up for music connection and that was just with plain cables and Interconnects. Maybe it is lack of feedback in the amp design like Darren and Paul stress.

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Fellas, again if you want to wax about cables and/or equipment please do so in one of the many cable or equipment forums.

Please have some courtesy for those trying to display ads in the market place.

Sorry but not posting in your ad nor are you a moderator. Price it to market, be a courteous and not desparate sounding seller and not scold others, it will sell.

VMAX as they say down south, Bless Your Heart.

Thanks for the polite insult. I was not looking to sell any equipment but it is getting hard to resist listing everything in separate adds.

I did get a couple of 20 amp power cables ordered today from Bob.

Great! I bet it will be an improvement over an adapter. The connector can be as different as cable wire type. Audio Bacon Jay did some trials p. Please share your experience. The plus for you is cables for use elsewhere.

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I am currently considering one of these demons:

My two cents would be that I kept wondering, “I thought Jeff sold those DAYS ago, yet his listing keeps coming up in the list”. Those interested in the new/current topic of the thread might miss out on y’alls erudition and enthusiasm, as they could be forgiven for not clicking on a sold item thread.

But knock yourselves out.


It is a bit pricey. On page 3 of the review he talks of his previous room having grounds closest to incoming distribution. When I wired my new dedicated lines i moved them to positions closest to incoming and primary ground on bus bar. Not sure it will give me 20k pounds worth of performance.

If you don’t like it. It will likely sell better than a closet full of BHKs you no longer desire and are nervous to unload :sob:

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Are you referring to his power cable comparison or a different article?

Way to roll with the punches, @JeffofArabica