My cables sold, so carte blanche as to what you want to talk about in this thread

I was referring to al’s power conditioner article. I used this Gale carol audio article
to optimize wiring in the main panel and dedicated lines. 10 gauge romex. Bigger breakers . Tightening every connection, moving terminal connection for audio closest to incoming on terminal buses. Ensured all hot, neutral and grounds the exact same length all 4 dedicated lines. I got a huge drop in distortion as measured by P-20 on incoming power on dedicated lines both and non dedicated lines previously used. Finally got my system up last night playing music with P-20. Huge improvements overall the p-20 even takes it to a higher level. In the past I always needed lot of DSP to enjoy sound. I was listening without RoomPerfect even and was not over powered with bass. Its like a natural balance is there was always lacking in the past.

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I’m thinking the next time I want to sell something, I’ll start a thread entitled, “Wires Don’t Matter!” and put the listing in there. Prolly get more views that way. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I yanked my Shunyata Sigma speaker cables off and replaced them with the Iconoclast SPTCP cables and now I listen. I note no obvious degradation. I’m listening to side 2 of “Heroes” which is all noodle music so I can’t really tell if there is an obvious change yet. I imagine they need to be broken in a bit even though they are used…

Update: now I am listening to very familiar music and I am noticing some differences. These wires sound warmer, maybe a little fatter, am I hearing more detail? The speakers are in the way of the music.
I am liking the sound so far, yes sir.

Update: I may have to turn down the subs. A whole lot of bottom has appeared. So much so that I need to address it. That seems odd as the Sigmas are no slouch in the bottom region. Hmmmm.

Final update: I listened for three hours and I liked what I heard. The big question is always what, if anything will I miss when I return to the Sigmas?


@aangen A big suggestion and a hunch you wired into the LF taps when using the Iconoclast speaker cables. Since you only purchased one pair, hook them up to the High Frequency speaker inputs and have your jumpers to the Mid Frequency and Low Frequency taps. Why you ask? Please review Galen’s tech paper. The biggest thing the design corrects with their special weave is phase and impedance frequency coherence with the High Frequencies. The jumpers unless iconoclast will kill some of their designed in phase corrections of phase vs frequency. Thus they will sound much fatter in the bottom. So unless you love only fat bottoms or Fat bottom girls by Queen I found jumpering from the HF more balanced and gives better magic and a balanced sound. But Ican still appreciate a nice fat bottom music and visuals. Lol

Oh by the way after getting a P20 and changing my LPS I had to return to the Inakustik Referenz ethernet cables because with lower noise floor my fat bottom started showing and was overwhelming my highs too. The iconoclast also address noise so maybe revert back to Referenz too if tap doesn’t fully resolve what you hear. So go figure, @Somppsa I am sure glad I didn’t give up Referenz ethernet cables. I had to use both Referenz cables not just one and the cat6 is just plain too fat.


These two graphs so why your HF is different and why your bottom is fatter with Iconoclast .

My Wilsons only have a single pair of inputs. No jumpers. no top, no bottom. Just hookup and listen.

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Focals also just one pair.

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Too bad knowing how much you enjoy buying cables. You’re truly missing out two thirds the fun you could be having shopping cables. .

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Actually there should be some kind of limit for AL how many times he can buy cables on this forum per year. Or month. No!! Per week :grin:

I have some interest on Icono´s too but luckily Al beat us all again and bought them ,so I can “happily” live with my current speaker cables. I got frustrated and went to Farad site and bought another lps to ease the pain. Heh! ( I need my weekly dose too )


Can’t wait to hear what you hear when you go back and forth!

About to try another entry in the Kilobuck Kable Klub (well, actually discounted to $950) - an Audience Au24e LowZ MC Phono Cable (RCAs both ends, with a ground wire, both of which VPI’s need). This model is an older one vs. the current se which is $1,350 I think. They sell 3 versions - one for under 100ohm MC carts, one for MC’s above that and one for MMs.

After I got a VPI cable for my old rig, I started to believe there was something in ensuring it was proper capacitance, as I don’t think they’re anything special otherwise as cable geometry and metalurgy go. Was hoping that Icono OFEs would do it, but they didn’t sound as good to me in this application as the $350 VPIs.

So - finally getting around to hooking the old rig up in the 2nd system, and realized I didn’t have any other proper phono cables. I’d wanted to try something better/more proportional in the new rig in any case, so - we shall see. The VPI can then go back to its old home.

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It amuses me how much I pouted when I gave in and paid $800 for a power cable. Now I spend quite a bit more just to experience what is out there. I sorta miss earlier me.

I’ll buy new speakers to solve my just one pair problem. Oh wait. I have other speakers that have multiple pairs. Some in storage…

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Yes new cables straight into storage for speakers in storage. Every boy scout needs a swiss army knife just in case despite every dinner being a MRE these days. Never know when a can of beans or bottle of wine might be desirable.

Me I dragged the storage speakers down from the closet. Decided my home office is too far from the music room. Problem is my reserve of cables is decades old and none more than 50 bucks. Thank you for giving me a goal to shoot for!

I would thoroughly enjoy your fine tuning selection. It is hard to part with old gear. If I had your selection i’d have to build an access wall behind my equipment to maximize the tweaking.

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These cables are keepers, that’s for damned certain! I will put the Shunyata’s back in place, at least once before I put them up for sale.


I am happy you finally took the iconoclast step. It says a lot that they can do that well versus the Shunyata. Plus you went all in with the SPTPC. Personally I think you should take the iconoclast OCC Gen 2 interconnect trial for free once you get your dream system. That way the rest of us know how well they match up versus those helium filled superconducting reference cables. While we still slum it sending music signals in plain old air.

But I know one thing the SPTPC and iconoclast loom of ICs sure improved my system. Even the BAV budget power cable. Hold me back when the no holds barred iconoclast power cable hits the street.

Galen’s 100,000 word posts put me completely off Iconoclast. My loss.
It’s too late for me to turn back what I have started.
Free trial you say? I could do that.


“what, if anything will I miss when I return to the Sigmas?” The thing that Iconos seem to get right is the first microsecond (or is it pico? Yocto?). Transients. That leading bit of the drum or the pluck or the piano note.

Though I have not compared them to the Sigmas. But that’s what I’d listen for, all the usual things otherwise being equal-ish.

Yes 30 days no credit charge unless you do not return them. I recommend gen2? CLRboccs at DSD And to amp.

Be sure to tell him you wish the no obligation trial
Trial cables come in 5 or 6 foot. Then you can order shorter later if they are better tell him your returning them and they acknowledge receipt. No pressure or hard sale. You can trial xlr or rca. The things these let you hear that were buried is incredible as is spot on 3D images.

Email him your number if you are remotely curious.
Bob Howard

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