My decade long PSA peregrination and finally..... a Regen

So in doing business locally with my friends at PSA now for a decade, I have had the pleasure of enjoying quite a few products. 300s, 250, 700s, Jr, Sr, NuWave, BHK pre, Strata and Sprout. But I drew the line at those damn regens. Too many issues and I like my Niagara etc.

So today I was thinking of upgrading the Niagara. 2021 has been a weird year. I started with an integrated amp. Decided separates was the way to go. Then mono blocks but that looked really expensive so now I’m back with an integrated. Good news is it’s all good. No major losses along the way (That was just lucky) and all incremental improvements as integrated amps have come a loooong way. (I’m sure eventually separates wins but not today anyway).

So I thought I’d call Jake at PSA and see what he had to say about the crazy regen proposition. I also looked at reviews and spoke to a few friends. Well hell, I now have a P12 in my system. Too early to comment on grand improvements as first I just wanted to see how to operate it and if the 12 was the right piece of kit as they say. I have a main integrated, DS, Sony TV, and a AV Integrated.

I figured my main concern is the main integrated which according to mfg could draw 8 amps. Well with everything on in standby I’m at 17%. All on (out of standby) 21% and blasting BTO 32%. I assume this has to do with speakers rated at 91dB but I’m at like a couple amps- no where near 8 - so far so good.

I turned off 1 bank (not used at this point) and turned the others to “Always On”. I am figuring I want everything to stay in standby. Also seems with this configuration, “Dim” and pressing the off/Standby button is about the same thing? The P12 is just humming along in the background.

Looks like THD went from 2.5% to about .1%. That can’t be bad…

So far I am very pleased but I have not had a chance to watch the power screen on bass heavy tracks etc. I think power wise I’m fine. Mfg does not spec power draw but recommended the 8 amp peak. I think if I hit 8 amps I would need to go to the hospital.

Any advice or tips on these dang contraptions please let me know! (break-in?). I always like asking the community as everyone here has practical experience and most are very helpful.

I’ll be glad to update with impressions if anyone is interested. So far though, I may just like this thing… Sure took me long enough. (Good job Jake)



I am very happy with my regen as well, it really improved my system.

Try multiwave, in my system I use it at level 4. It’s a nice and easy way to tweak your system sound.

Congrats on your purchase of a P12. For many, it’s hard to believe such a device can make such an audible improvement but, once heard, you’ll always want one in your system. From personal experience, I want to caution you that the P12 is a “gateway regenerator”. I had one and was quite satisfied. I was having an email conversation with Darren Myers about whether my next move should be replacing my Manley Chinook phono pre with the Stellar Phono pre. After describing my system, his recommendation for a “next move” was upgrading the P12 to a P20! This was totally unexpected - especially coming from the SPP’s designer! I took his advice and am glad I did. There was just more of everything I liked about the P12 in the P20. One last recommendation… if you ever decide to take a similar path, hit the gym beforehand - it’s a beast! :blush:

I am trying multiwave thanks… here is what is showing :slight_smile:

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Thanks Viper. I think my new “old fart” rule is only buy stuff I can lift (lol). I had a Pass amp and at 100 lbs, it about killed me. My new integrated is 60lbs. It ain’t fun, but I can move it. I will tune the P12 for maximum results and then go from there. I think next move might be a DAC but am hoping to see a Mk II show up sometime in the near future.
Interesting to think a P20 does more than a P12. I mean sure on more power capabilities etc. but clean power is clean power. If I’m only drawing say 4 amps or 480 watts peak (and I’m going to be below that it seems) I’m not sure what a 2000 watt capable device will get me other than a hernia…

[ I’m not sure what a 2000 watt capable device will get me other than a hernia…]

A lighter wallet! :wink:


IIRC, the P20 has a lower output impedance than the other regenerators, and that’s why it will perform better, even at lower loads.

The P20 is amazing, it’s the foundation of my system.

@DarrenMyers is too modest. His SPP is a gem. It makes my dad’s vintage Thorens/SME with new Ortofon sound almost as good as the PST!
And that’s really saying something, because the PST is awesome :sunglasses:.

Totally agree Phil! Darren is a humble and very talented member of the PSA team. He’s been very generous with his time always offering specific advise rather than pablum. I’ve seriously considered the SPP given the rave reviews but decided to get the PST first (should be taking delivery tomorrow!) and wait for more news on a potential PerfectWave Phono Pre.