PerfectWave DS DAC Rotated LCD Display

Hello–I have owned the DAC for about three years now and been very happy with it. We recently had the fires in Santa Barbara and I moved the DAC out of the house for several days. When I re-installed the device the unit first required the display calibration which I did. The LCD display is now upside down. I have tried to recalibrate a few times and it always wakes up upside down. Any clues as to how to resolve this?

I can try upgrading FW but wanted to check if I am missing something. Thanks

Hi BLKennedy,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this and sorry to hear that you are having this trouble.

Calibrating the display should solve the issue.

Follow this tutorial for that:

If the display continues to power up upside down try pressing the corner buttons in reverse order (4,3,2,1).

If you continue to have trouble please reach out to us at

Thanks and kind wishes,

  • Jeremy

I re-calibrated multiple times and it finally flipped back. Thanks!

Very good. Now you can flip the DAC back over to right-side-up.