My HT & 2 Ch set up


IMG_0094-1.JPGUpgraded my PWD II to DS and finally got a P3. Very pleased with the upgrade. Still just a couple tweaks and upgrades left but pretty close to being done (for now).




Musical Fidelity M6 500i integrated (plugged,to wall with PS audio outlet)

Anthem MRX 500 receiver

Usher be-718 dmd “tiny dancers”

custom Tyler Acoustics stands

REL 528 subs

AC-10 power cords for powerbase and P3

AC-12 power cord for integrated

Shunyata alpha zitron digital power cord to Directstream

Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cables

Acoustic Zen silver ref II XLR

wireworld starlight USB

Mac mini running headless with Amarra (use mac book pro for screen sharing and iPad/iPhone to control the mini when away from mac book…love it, can even control everything sitting outside by the pool…very cool)

NHT center and super one bookshelves

Samsung UN65HU8500

Antec cooling

Panamax conditioner running the non essentials