My P15 sounds like a cricket

My P15 sounds like a cricket now, anyone who has been through it and knows what’s wrong with it?

Yes, how long is the warranty on the P15?
I guess it’s 3 years but can not find anything about it.
I bought it in August 2019 so if it is 3 years long it’s still warranty on it.

Three years, and I’d suggest checking in with PSA’s Technical Support Team to sort it out. Crickets, eh…? Most descriptive. Good luck with resolution.


A relay perhaps?

Well I’ll be Jiminy!

Which album?

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Down on the farm. By Little Feat?

Look for a loose fastener in one of the buss bars. Should be signs of arc happening.

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Get hold of PS Audio tech…jamesh will be able to address this.

Best wishes

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I turned my P15 off with the main switch on the backside and let it "rest"for around 18 hours and now when I turned it on it didn’t sound as a cricket so I’m gonna use it for a while now until it gets warm again so I can “see” if it start to sound like a cricket again.

If my P15 is going to brake I hope it do it before my warranty is out in August.

If you’re getting an arc expansion of materials with heat may cause a space to reopen based on coefficient of thermal expansion of differing materials.

So I’d see if after heat soak it starts recurring. If so remove top cover in dark while operating and making noise looking for spark discharging.


I took out the victory too early because now my P15 sounds like a cricket again so I have to send it in on service.

Luckily the warranty is still valid for almost 2 months on it.
Luck in bad luck in other words.

That’s too bad hopefully they can turn it quickly.

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I’ll be curious what the techs find. It would make sense if it had a fan inside but it doesn’t. I’m curious what’s vibrating in there.

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Crickets obviously.


Hmm, we only put wasps and crickets in units sold in 2020, so that can’t be it…


Maybe it has a beeswax fuse.


Naw crickets don’t go for bees wax…

Best wishes

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Maybe you’re playing too much Buddy Holly? :sunglasses: