The luck is always with me!

I had problems earlier with my P15 and that problem was that I thought that I got to much hum from it and now I don’t get any hum at all from my P15.
It’s totally dead.

I wanted to send it in this summer to get my P15s “humming” checked up but I got a sense that the place where I bought it wasn’t that happy to see if it was any wrong with it since it still worked, I just got some “extra hum” from it so I never sent it in but now my warranty is out since a month back, August, and now it don’t work at all.

More than me who has turned off your P15 with the main power switch on the backside and after that it’s impossible turn it on again?

I’ve changed fuse in it to no use.

More than me who had the same problem as I have now, that my P15 is dead, and knows what could bee wrong with it?

Contat the guys at PS Audio. I am sure the will take care of you especially it is that close to warranty.

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I live in Sweden so I can’t send it to the US to get i repaired again but who knows, they perhaps tell “The Man” in Sweden who I bought it from to give me a Nice Price. :smiley:

Sending it to the local dealer to diagnose and estimate the costs seems inevitable! If the cost of repair is beyond reach, and you decide to abandon your P15, then the shipping costs + P15 costs get amortised (sunken) over whatever period you have used your P15 :frowning_face:

This is unacceptable behaviour from your dealer. PSAudio should (and I am almost sure they will) help you. I would drop @jamesh a note.

I believe you tried to turn it on with no equipment connect to the p15, and also experimented on different outlets.

If you are willing to, maybe you could take the cover off (not hard at all) to check if there are any cables or connections that come lose due to vibration.

Best of luck.

Hello, yes, I’ve tried my P15 in different outlets and with nothing connected to it.
I’ve thought about opening my P15 myself to see if it’s just the power switch on it who has broken but I want to check around first how they want me to doo with my P15.

Definitely give us a ring or drop us an email and we would be happy to assist.


Good grief Paul, do you know how early it must be there in Colorado! :upside_down_face:

The place I bought my P15 from sent me a mail about that he was going to send a transport company to me to pick up my P15 and then send it to Gothenburg for service.

It will bee interesting to see how much it will cost me… :thinking:

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Press the blue PS audio button on front while cycling rear power button. It will not address hum but will help totally dead units recover.

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Since you alerted the dealer that there was an issue before the warrantee was up, and he apparently advised against sending it in, and now you have a problem just a month out of warrantee, the dealer should be the one absorbing the cost of repairs, imo.

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Thanks, I’m gonna try that now.

I’ve tried it many times now but with no success.

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Good first step. I hope it turns out to be an easy repair.

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The guys in Sweden will absolutely be able to help you out. They’ll be able to get in touch with us to get the proper hardware to get it fixed up. Was the fuse dead when you swapped it out? Also, when you turn it on with the rear switch, do you hear any relays clicking at all? It’s exceptionally rare for the unit to be completely lifeless with a good fuse inside.


Nope, I didn’t see any fault with the fuse but I changed it anyway to a new one but it didn’t become any better after that.

Nope, no relays or anything in it gives away a sound. It’s totally silent.

I’m betting you tried a different cable as well?

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Yepp, I wrote that earlier to another one here.
I’ve tried 2 fuses, 3 power outlets and 3 cables.
I wanted to bee more than sure. :smile:


Any luck with the Swedish distributor?

I haven’t got any more anwsers from him more than the last one from perhaps 3 days ago.
If I’ve not got an update from him on monday I’ll send him another mail and see what happens then.

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