My PWD has a glowing white/grey screen

A few weeks ago I received a new PWD MKII.Very joy and excitement.

But using a week later.Screen becomes white when I use the front panel switch turned on.

I’ve tried various firmware 2.0.3 2.1.0 2.2.0

The problem is still

I have contacted PSaudio, Marcus suggested to send the unit back

But I am in China.Transport is very, very trouble.

The PWD can work,In addition to the display screen is white.

A few days ago I received a bridge and installed it. yes.I installed it in the case of the screen does not display

PWD and bridge are normal except for the screen.

How I wish this is a firmware issue

Now I use it by remote control and the IPAD.

Found a law:Unplug the power cord. wait for a while and put the power cord back.reflash a different firmware,Screen can display.But only last a few minutes and white again

Hope to get your recommend.

Thank you all

Welcome, Speed!

This is frustrating.

Unfortunately, I do not have any suggestions for you. You have already tried everything I can think of.

I hope others have some ideas for you to try.

Thank you Elk ,I’m glad to see your reply.

Maybe I’m looking forward to a miracle.



Hi speed,Nee How, welcome to the “miracle dept”. :))

Well, at least we can try.

If you reboot the PWD from the back switch and touch the center of the front panel while it is initializing, you will see “dimmer” and to the right of it is the current setting. By touching the current setting it will scroll to the next one. Try different settings to see if any of them works better.

Excellent idea, Gordon.

Hey, it’s getting harder and harder to perform miracles these days.

It used to be a lot easier when nobody asked for proof. :))

I fear that Marcus may be right. If the display works for a short time then goes gray then it sounds to me like the display or its control interface is going out. Perhaps you could open the PWD up and reseat the cable going to the display, but I would put a low probability on that fixing it. Still, round trip shipping on a slow boat from China could take forever and still cost a load, so everything that can be done in place should be tried.


I had a similar problem with my PWT many months ago.

If I correctly remember the steps, the following procedure cured the problem:

Remove power from the unit.

Press and hold in the front panel power switch.

Apply power while still pressing the power button.

A calibration screen should appear on the display.

You then have to touch the corners of the screen in sequence and that should be it.

I assume the PWD is the same procedure as the PWT but do not know that for a fact.

It is worth a try at the very least.

Nee How, Gordon. WOW! :-))

I tried what you said. But screen goes grey in a few minutes.


I have tried open the PWD up and reseat the cable going to the display,the problem is still.

Round trip shipping from China,not only is time and cost,the customs is a big trouble,My PWD may be returned back to the United States.

It will be much easier if I could just sent a screen.

HI, st50maint.

This is the first I have ever tried one of the methods,I will try again.

Thank you everyone,I will promptly update.

Best of luck with it. Talk to PS Audio about the possibility of sending a replacement display. I can not say but they might do that for you - it does not hurt to ask.


I have contacted Marcus,but was told that "The entire unit would have to come back here because it most likely isn’t just the screen."

Thank you ,wingsounds13

Today just isn’t my day.

Turn on the power every time,the screen is white

It must be the screen or some driver quits when it warms up.

At least now it is always off so will be easier to diagnose in a shop.

do you have anyone near by that could test the screen to see if is burnt?

I think it is an ipod screen so maybe an Apple store.

What city are you near?


Thank you for your suggestion,I’ll have a try.

I live in Shanghai.

Ah. Great food and an amazingly fast train to the airport!

There should be someone who can take a look at it.

Send an email to Marcus and ask fot a schematic and also a troubleshooting procedure for diagnosis.

I suppose your dealer is in HK or somewhere close to it?

"HI, st50maint.
This is the first I have ever tried one of the methods,I will try again."

Just to confirm, you did hold the front panel power switch in while applying power?

This is a lesser known procedure than touching the display while applying power.
I just tried it again on my PWT. The 4 corners of the screen are numbered, 1,2,3 and 4 and you touch each number in sequence.

This cured the problem with my screen that occasionally went all white.

WOW! Gordon ,You have been to Shanghai.

PSA have a dealer in Hong Kong.

But I bought my pwd from United States,Hong Kong dealer may be reluctant to accept.


I confirm that I have done.

I have tried a few times,But each time the screen lights up,screen is white,I can’t operate.

I just tried it again,The screen is white.

Unplug the power,

Wait 15 minutes,

Plug in the power cord,

hold the front panel power switch,

Turn the BACK power switch.

sounds like the screen is dead or somehow the driver is not working.

I suspect the screen since it does light up as white.

ask Marcus for another version of firmware 2.2.0 and to make sure it does have the correct driver for the new screen version.

If this does not work, then perhaps the HK dealer [ or local apple store] might be persuaded to test it for you.

Yes, I have been to Shanghai and it is a truly progressive and dynamic city.

Of course through history it always was that way.