My recent experience with Revelation Audio Labs

How long did you wait?
I waited too but it’s 3 months already…

Probably 21/3 to 3 months. At least 2 weeks after a ship notice too

there really is no safe haven…

I used the Platinum for many months before getting the RAL and my experience was very close to yours, a wider soundstage with the Platinum but at the expense of a veil. To me the RAL doesn’t blow the Platinum out of the water but in my system it is clearly better.

I also agree the Platinum is superb when used in an AV set up (I also used it from my AppleTV).

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Just as a point of reference I have one of these PinkFaun i2s cables and to me it is better sounding than the WW Platinum. I am not willing to wait an unknown amount of time for one of these RAL units.

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Interesting find. Don’t let Al see this, or, potentially, off we go! Still like the
RAL but was lucky to get one in a couple weeks.


I ordered one of the i2s and one of the USB cables from PF when I ordered my 2.16x Ultra. Today I put WW Platinum in place of both PF cables for a few hours and took the WW cables back out of the system. The PF cables were much better sounding. Maybe more synergy is the right term.

Anybody tried the Chord Sarum cords Phillipe mentioned in another thread?

My new system will not have any need for an HDMI cable so I am safe.
I have switched to one company, Stealth Audio for all my future cables. Their prices are sheer lunacy and I do not wish to lead anyone else down the path I have chosen for myself. None of the cables I am purchasing costs less than $4k. Two cost over $10k.
Complete madness I tell ya.

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Search and ye shall find one for 10 k each. Well you will surely retain one system to satisfy a cable swap itch or addiction.

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The only people that can convince you otherwise, is your HEIRS…
Other than that you are perfectly SANE!

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And then just now Music Direct offered a Shunyata SIGMA AES/EBU first gen cable for $1199 (V2 $2250) which is $4000 cheaper than the Stealth Audio one so I ordered it.
Gah! The streams are mixed!

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You are a lucky guy!

I could take RAL hdmi out of your hands if you are willing to sell one out ( cheap,cause i´m poor and can´t afford Stealth ) :grin: pm me if interested selling.

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Thanks - that’s handy to know. I’ve been waiting 2 months. Sent two very polite, enquiring emails to see if there was an update on progress but he didn’t care to respond, unlike when I first placed my order. I can understand waiting, but a supplier should be willing to at least communicate with customers.

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I raised a claim with PayPal (thanks for the advice @hthaller) and within 5 days I had the HDMI delivered via 1 day express shipping. Then I received apology emails and he requested me to drop the claim since PP froze his funds. I did eventually drop the claim. Very poor business practice… a direct contrast of wonderful support we get from sellers like UpTone Audio and PS.

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Shazam !

Glad the magic words worked for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks - I think that will have to be my next strategy. Cheers, Phil

Just my experience with RAL is quite good. A few email correspondence for the i2S cable and I asked for stock situation, delivery and QC. Peter replied in one week time. After my order I got the FedEx tracking in one week time (as I’m in Australia). I just collected the item this morning, opened it straight away. It looks sorta homemade, quite stiff. But solid built.

I just plugged mine in today (HDMI to I2S Input on the DSD from Matrix Audio X-SPDIF2). This is different to the I2S cable. It’s a truly incredible cable. Transformative in my system.

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