My recent experience with Revelation Audio Labs

Same here, even just after 2 days burn in I could hear the difference.
One of the biggest impact to my rig from accessories.
It’s like a magnifier, it’s literally the opposite impressions from my previous $60 i2S cable when auditing my DCC (Audio GD DI-20HE) FPGA versions.
It’s fantastic :star_struck:

I think I dreamed that someone who purchased the RAL HDMI cable wrote that to their ear It was no big deal. This had no effect on me as I already know that it is in fact a big deal. I felt bad for his system.
(Or his ears)

There is a reason I have two of them. I am almost sad that one of the reason I have two will probably be leaving my system. My DSD Sr. Is soon moving to my computer desk system. It will replace the DSD Jr. that is already there. A new DAC is close to arriving, if the damn shipping company could get its act together.

Wait wait wait, I get so tired of wait wait wait.

Oh wait, this is the RAL thread.

I may be being hasty, reading about the new PS Audio SACD player makes me think the Sr. will stay around. And the need for the RAL HDMI cable will be greater than ever.


@aangen - yes, I’ve been following that forum, too! It would be an interesting shootout between the new SACD player and a top spec (bells & whistles) Matrix set up! I have started to rip my SACDs and load them onto an SSD drive in my Roon Nucleus+.

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Wait—which streams???

You need to do the Edcore XS4400 transformer upgrade I just did. It is easily 3 steps up in sound compared to even the RAL HDMI. I have not even hard wired my Analog 12V supply that Ted said is another boost. The new transformers give the DS such balls in the lows that are so defined and smoother highs. I had to go back to Inakustik Referenz ethernet cable to really appreciate the details and new space in the soundstage the transformers bring. It takes about 125 hours for the new transformers to burn in but as good as they are initially, after burn in, is way way better.

If your new DAC is better than DS use those Referenz cables


Yes, listen to @Vmax on this! He knows.what he is talking about. I just did this upgrade and it made the sound have much more substance and much is more exciting to listen to on this already incredible sounding DAC!! And it only cost me $77 total, $50 for 2 transformers, and $27 for shipping. But I wouldn’t recommend you do the work yourself unless you are very handy with a solder iron. I also have a new Bees Wax fuse coming today to see if it can improve the sound further than the SR Orange In there now.

@waymanchen11, Have you done the 12V external supply or are you planning it? I need to order the board connector so i can go back vs a splice of the existing cable.

You will like it much better after burn in. You will like beeswax in the DAC though I wonder if it is as noticeable as before I put one in the P20. I left my beeswax installed when doing the transformers. Might consider one in my LPS once the DS gets an external LPS.

Haven’t decided on the 12v power supply yet. Maybe the Farad or the HDPLEX. I’ll let the new upgrades settle in first. Right now it’s like MAN, I afraid I might lose the magic if I do something else to it.

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I have the same feeling. Do I even need to touch anything else or will it go backwards? I am thinking Ghent Gotham DC cables and one for the DS then let things rest and enjoy the music. I have yet to try DC cable swaps and @Somppsa likes these. I read a few other positive reviews on them. If they were not UK I would buy upgrade one at a time. When you read about DC cables there is a camp that says that anyone will do. I hope they are wrong as I found ethernet naysayers were in my experience.

The XS4400 with all the previous changes seem to be in the sweetspot. They did surprise me that I felt I need to swap back to more revealing ethernet cable. After I did that the depth dimension of soundstage is now there in all theses recordings that seemed 2D previously. The stock Direct Stream is not as forgiving on real revealing cables where the broken in transformer mod says give me more acuity and I will provide a distinctly more live sound without harshness.

Last night I let some Roon radio stream. Jimi’s Gypsy Eyes off Electric Ladyland kept having me look to that back corners of the room and checking to see if I had mistakenly had my surround amps going. I rarely listen to Jimi anymore but it left me feeling like I had just heard his music for the first time. It was only being played at a few watts to boot.

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As far as I know my new DAC doesn’t have an Ethernet port. The data has to find its way in magically.

Well then you have lots of sonore. Doesit do HDMI inputs?

Nope, it has a fiber optic input and a USB output. That goes directly into the DAC if I want to play DSD files or into the Matrix then a Sigma AES/EBU cable to the DAC for streaming.

It feels somewhat wrong to buy a DAC at this time that is not a Roon endpoint but I have done it before and I’ll do it again.

It feels right to me to buy a DAC that is NOT a Roon endpoint. :laughing:

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Just want to share my experience with RAL cable and Brad (also at this topic).
I posted in the Matrix topic, so I leave here the link:

I’m very curious about the Revelation cable but found that another vendor sell a similar (on paper) I2S cable. Is there someone who tested a “Tubulus Argentus” and compare it with the Revelation ?
The tubulus length is shorter while the Revelation seems restricted to 1.5 meter.

Can’t help with the comparison you requested, but Brad can supply shorter - something like 0.7 meter - if requested. He did for me (after the customary wait time) :slight_smile:

Not true on the size limit. I ordered a .75 length from Brad.

Thank you, I ordered a 0.65 meter to Brad.