Naming Silliness

I like it a lot.

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Give it a couple of days. Your brain will break in.



@badbeef & @eldrick - you get a stuffed animal with the purchase…

:joy: Another damn funny one Mr. BB

Not kidding.


@JeffofArabica - yeah, like we are FPGA builds… we need burn-in time…

That is actually astute, bruh

I think some required burn-in time prior to being able to post some knee jerk reaction commentary can make for a much kinder and friendly forum environment! :grinning:

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OK, just not like snowmass… that was a cool name… like opening up Stereo Review and seeing PSA just tackled another mountain… Tedd getting it done - SNOWMASS BAM!

Dream on on that, man

BAM! OUCH! Batman just stabbed the Riddler…

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All you have to do is Google the 14’ers and you will sort out that the charismatic names are in short supply.

Sneffels…just sayin’…

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The elephant theme which has been recently popular is an evolution of the Snuffleupagus, so put the idea to the marketing team at PS Audio “We are excited to announce the latest release of operating system for our award winning Directstream DAC, Snuffleupagus. A free Snuffleupagus toy comes with every free Snuffleupagus upgrade”. What’s not to like about that? Much better deal than the $2K discount promotion that came with Snowmass.

Dude - we were just having fun and you dropped your famous PSA turd punch… come on… now I have to act like a 60 year old grown up and stop posting…

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What elephant theme, and what CO 14’er is called Snuffelupagus? Just curious.

The plethora of system photo pics that had toy elephants, there must have been hundreds of them, growing in number day by day. It was the elephant theme.

Damn you @Cardri… You beat me to the punch on this one… Argh!

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I’m out of here… go watch Housewife’s of freakin CA

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You were joining the fun until this…

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Buddy - you really need to get over turning 60. If it happens to you, you are LUCKY.