Naming Silliness

No, it’s a great idea for everybody to join the celebration with a free Snuffleupagus toy, and not just hand out the joy to some and not others.

@brodric (aka Buzz Kill)… I’m out! I’d end by saying have fun, but for some reason I believe your FPGA has a filter preventing those two words from influencing your demeanor.

I have feeling that if you posted comparable things similar to what you’ve posted here about Sesame Street on PBS, they just might have issues. Could be wrong.

Bold and the Beautiful has been getting exciting recently, if you feel like some additional attention diversion.

Just to be clear, I am firmly against dissolving Snuffleupagus’ in barrels of acid, so PBS shouldn’t have any issues.

I assumed that was…whatever, but if you had been spending the last year or two on the PBS website, going on about how the Snuffleupagus you received from PBS didn’t meet your expectations, and that it was too expensive to ship back to the US, therefore you put it under your bed to await the updated Snuffleupagus…

That is ridiculous. Everybody knows a Snuffleupagus can swim. Shipping him back to the US wouldn’t cost me anything, I’d just walk him to the beach and point him in the general direction.

Similarly easy to ship back your DMP years ago.

But a better outcome was selling it, thus not being out-of-pocket on the shipping charges.

After how long? Two years?

The Forum software is nagging me not to respond to you. It may be smarter than me. Not hard.

How about getting back to the release…

There is no release for a good while, so like other threads, it is what it is. Feel free to express yourself.

Or simply don’t read this silliness.

I did express myself…

@Elk - How about splitting the naming silliness off into a new thread.

Again - fair enough. Everybody got that?

Bueno. The floor is yours, bruh.

You guys had me scared: 59 posts while I was at dinner? I thought for sure something had hit the fan :slight_smile:


No worries Ted - pretty much none of it had anything to do with the DS’s ; )

Yeah, just having a little light hearted fun. But all that stopped at post #115.

Jeff, JSYK, the limit on fun hereabouts is now 50 posts in a row, so we actually did ok.

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Considering the climate as of late, you are absolutely right!