National Symphony French Horn section plays baby shark for the Nationals

Notice the baby shark at ~ 0:30 Click

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I fail to see how you find this amusing/entertaining…sharks wound and Eat People on a regular basis. AFAIK, Ginger Baker never ATE anyone.


I am near clueless when it comes to professional sports. I had never heard of the Nationals until the World Series started. I am proud to have posted something topical.

It is telling you found it necessary to use the disclaimer “As far as I know;” it acknowledges there is some risk Mr. Baker did indeed eat someone. :slight_smile: Sadly, we know he wounded people “on a regular basis.” :frowning_face:

Regardless, I challenge you to find anything which indicates the sharks in the video have harmed anyone. I admit however the really little one who appears at roughly 0:30 into the video looks pretty nasty.

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