Need a wifi boost?


Another toy for a belated Xmas stocking stuffer.


It is cute, in a corny 1950’s sci-fi sort of way.

Unfortunately, the reviews (both professional and user) are mixed at best.


I have two of a similar product in my house and they cause me more problems than they are worth, so as soon as possible I am going to hard wire every room in my house.



However, since it is only 802.11N, I replaced it with an AC version since my router is doing AC:


Good to hear you have had a positive experience with it.

When I looked it up to see what it is/does, I immediately came across the PCMag review click, as well as others who were not positively impressed. There are many excellent such products, of course, so there are oodles of options.

For such a mature technology it is surprising consumer wireless networks remain highly variable in performance and often tricky to set up.


This is also on my shopping list: 8 port Switch Industrial Managed


A serious switch.

Are you running HP servers, or does it still have specific benefits when used with non-HP?


I will use together with the Linksys Ethernet Bridge, where I connect my P10, TV, Lumin, ATV3, XBOX 1, etc.

No specific reason for using it, except that I like overkill! cool

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