WiFi receiver(?) needed

I need a bit of kit which will accept a WiFi signal carrying an Internet connection and output Ethernet so that I can connect components to the Internet which have an Ethernet input, but without built-in WiFi.

I hope I explained this clearly. i have always otherwise used a direct hard-wired connection.

What is it that I am looking for (that is, what is it called) and do people here have suggestions?

Thank you for the help.

I believe this will do what you want if you are technically inclined and can follow the instructions on how to get it set up.


Agree. Any desktop wireless access point box (or router) should do. I do have a suggestion: don’t cheap out on the box. The quality and reliability of wireless connectivity really does improve with the better quality boxes. Personal experience with that one. Buy the best your budget allows. I happen to be an ASUS fan. Of their hardware in general. I use ASUS for my current desktop networking solution. Which includes supporting wireless connectivity everywhere in my pad.


Depending on how many ethernet outputs you think you need all of the usual suspects make WiFi extenders that just plug into an outlet and don’t take up shelf or desk space. I have used models from TP Link for years.


Often you will see this solution advertised as a Bridge.

Hardwired Access Point (Maybe a router with WiFi buit-in) —> WiFi —> Access Point with Ethernet and WiFi output.

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Yep - an access point configured as a bridge (I think most have this option) - AP then connected to an ethernet switch to get multiple connections.
If you use a spare router, don’t forget to disable DHCP on it (as I expect you are well aware :slight_smile: )


Not sure if this solves what you need. I use it in my P20 as i did not have a run that long. Save a port on my switch too Its just a dongle that hangs off the back. it does need power, but the P20 has plenty of that. .

How reliable do you need? (there are enterprise / industrial grade devices that do this and purpose built)

How much are you willing to roll your own? (something like DD-WRT can be built this way with extreme flexibility, you just need the right hardware to load the software on)

This guide shows how to set-up a Ubiquity airMax device to do what you want:

Thank you everyone fr your replies. They are of great help.

My needs are modest. My home office has Internet cable, but no where else. There is no reasonable way to run Ethernet cable through the house so I need the ability for remote devices to connect wirelessly. No critical applications, mostly sending and receiving documents, email, and the like.

We also use PowerLine Ethernet Adapters that work well.

I’m using a Asus RT-AX89X as my main router which has 10gbs SFP ports plus Mesh functions. Then my streamer(via cat8 cable) is hooked up to an Asus RT-AX92U as a mesh node. The RT-AX92U is powered by a aftermarket LPS, the streamer is connected to an audiograde swith also powered by a LPS. the streamer itself is powered by an ifi elite switch mode PS. Ethernet cables are AQ and Nordust + an iPung filter.

With the latest firmware they been rock stable for about a year. Plus down the road there is option to fiber up the entire house if needed with the SFP ports on the main router.

Links for the Asus routers below:

To my knowledge all current gen Asus routers can be meshed together regardless of models as long as they are Asus.

No complains on sound quality and don’t feel the urge for more network tweaks for my current setup.

I have had very good experience with Asus as well

Forgot to add, when I first got the RT-AX92U as a node, I hooked the streamer directly to one of the ports on the router and put the node on the rack. Got very poor results, it’s way too noisy and the interconnects are picking up the wifi chatter which is audible as clicks on the speaker. Hence I used a 15ft long cat8 cable to put the router away from the rack and all the cabling, that made things a lot better. Things really changed to great when I started putting power supplies and better cables plus unmanaged switches into the chain, it was a fun learning exercise.

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