WiFi cloning device

Beyond computer / nets illiterate here, so bare with me please.

If you guys can recall, I’ve got a small dedicated room but it’s in the basement and, due to the morphology of the site and construction of the house, internet connection there is quite unstable. Unreliable. So, I didn’t want to do NAS and in fact the computer (MacBook Pro running A+, now JRMC is installed also) is not connected to the internet.

The rest of the house has a pretty good access flow in each of the 3 storeys, and to get to the attic I’m using a pretty cool TP-Link 4220 kit powerline system that clones my network details and runs through the house’s electrical structure. Very kewl indeed. The receiving end of this kit is called the AV500.

I was thinking. In order to benefit from the Junior’s bridge and use that input (which Paul, Ted & Co. believe to be the best of the lot) maybe I can purchase a second AV500, put it in the dedicated room and have it connect to the router upstairs wirelessly then run JRiver? Anybody have experience with the 4220 kit and/or the AV500? Apparently ethernet transmission can get up to 500mbps.


Yeah I would just get a power line device pair and separate wifi router that I can configure as I want. TP-Link Archer C7 would be awesome.

Nice unit the Archer 7! Noted, will investigate a bit and try do find it in my country of residence.

Thanks very much.