Need advice on connecting my P12

I received my P12 yesterday. I haven’t set it yet because I want to make sure I can do what I plan to do.

I have a PS Audio Soloist wall outlet. Currently connected to that I have two PS Audio Juice Bars. On JB#1 I have my PrimaLuna integrated, DS DAC, DS DMP, Oppo 105, VPI turntable, and MoFi phono preamp; on JB#2 I have an AppleTV 4, a network switch, my Sony TV, and my great Dyson fan.

What I want to do is connect what I have on JB#1 into the P12 and the remaining Juice Bar to the P12 and leave one of my outlets unused. Is that a good idea? Should I just put the “wall wart brigade” on the second JB, excluding the phono preamp, plugged in to the wall and be done with it?

Thanks in advance!

Primaluna, DSD, DMP, Oppo, and phono pre should absolutely go direct into the P12. From there, I would distribute the wall wart and TV stuff to the JBs. Now you can certainly play around plugging more stuff into the P12, but just be cautious to not over power it.