Network Acoustics new USB cable MUON2

My very first impression, once the music started filling the room, was: oh… oh… my eyes and ears were suddenly wide open, the head instinctively went back! It got my attention. Like savoring a new taste at the first sip, unexpectedly so fresh and pleasant!

Accurate and transparent, no colorations, the music flows with a pleasant tonality in a way that the realism is effectively enhanced. No emphasis on the entire frequency spectrum. The sound is silky, liquid and relaxed, really dynamic and most of all so delicate, especially in micro and subtle nuances.

Revealing and really open, with a wonderful spaciousness, maybe the best characteristic I immediately noticed: airy, vivid, rich of different details coming from every part of the scene. It appears this quality especially when more voices together can be perfectly heard, or different instruments can be distinctly located within an already well balanced homogeneous layer.
Transients are very impactful, in a strength well controlled, I can feel the beauty of attacks in my chest, increasing liveness and engagement a lot.

I’m literally felt in love for its ability in rendering the sound of strings plucked, it seems so real in my room, if fidelity means recreate the sound of an instrument in front of the listener, this cable is a rare example of this attribute. Low level passages and decay are amazing, revealing and palpable until the last audible note.

Body and fullness are present, like before, adding richness and musicality to the playback, thanks to the ability of this cable to preserve the goodness of the amplification, none subtraction or alteration in that area.

It’s not all perfect, though. That kind of magic and analog flavor I used to love in my reference Pink Faun USB cable is still unbeatable but a longer time burning in the MUON2could fix this gap. Also the almost audible white noise during lower passages is not perfect, my feeling is that the well cooked Pink Faun here is better. During break in and more comparisons, this gap was significantly reduced, anyhow. The soundstage is expanded more in width than depth compared to the Pink Faun.

Comparing the MUON2 with the CAD II-R, the latter seems more veiled and less airy, even if it brings a lot of body and a black background. Very silent. I feel the weight of bass, like a muscular strength but it doesn’t make the music breathe enough. The impact of transients is clearly more pronounced. Maybe it is laid back and too much relaxed, in my particular system. Pretty dark and grey, so to speak. Voices are less lifelike, it sounds like clean, perfect and digital not engaging as I usually prefer. The soundstage is narrower and less deep than before. Unlike the GC1 Ground Control and the new USB Control, that I really love and have had a great impact in my chain, this CAD product unfortunately seems not working well in my room. I can’t always get what I want.
I also own other USB cables, like AQ Diamond or Intona Reference, that unfortunately don’t fit my system and personal tastes.
Plugging back the MUON2, each time I felt that the magic was back.

This cable is very light, compared to other cables, easy to manage behind the rack, even though not extremely flexible so it’s a better idea to avoid bending it too much. Spread the wires! Rob suggested to keep the 3 wires as separated/spread as possible. As soon as I managed to do like suggested I heard a subtle difference in clarity and well defined mid/high frequencies.

Connectors are well made, they fit perfectly without risks of loosing.

Burning in. Most part of my positive feedback started right out of the box. The manufacturer recommends to use it for 120 hours to achieve the right degree of performance. I left the streamer playing continuously and after 2 weeks I noticed more significant improvements.

I have decided to postpone the purchase of Sablon EVO and Omega cables, until Mark and Shunyata (or a farsighted dealer out there) will give me the chance to have a home audition. Each trusted audiophile (see customer) should have the right to try and listen to products in his own environment before buying one. Having said that, I need to say that I’m very impressed by the Sablon2020 Ethenernet cable so the EVO is still on my wish list.

I am convinced that people like Rob deserve my appreciation and my gratitude, for the sincerity and availability reserved for me. Rare commodity nowadays. For instance Rob suggested me not to buy the MUON Pro filter in my set up, due to the presence of the Innuos PhoenixNET that running at 100Mb/s is a bottle neck and doesn’t let the MUON Pro Ethernet system performing at its best. Really appreciated the honesty!

The MUON2 is here to stay, together with my reference Pink Faun. They could bring me joy for the coming winter evenings. Warming up my system and my soul.

Here below a simple chart, as my usual, to better describe “with numbers” the different characteristics I noticed playing with these 3 different toys. Needless to say that it works in my system, in my room and with my ears. Others might have different opinions, of course!

White noise/Hum 8 8 8
Background 8 9 8
Naturalness 9 7 9
Image precision 8 8 8
Soundstage depth 8 7 8
Soundstage width 8 7 8
Separation 8 7 8
Voice 8 7 9
Hights 8 7 8
Bass 8 9 9
Presence 8 7 9
Transient 7 9 9
Clarity 8 7 8
Airy 8 7 8
Detail 8 8 8
Unveil 7 6 8
Realism 9 7 9
Calm 7 8 8
Control 7 8 8
Engagement 8 7 9
7,9 7,5 8,4

Thanks for the very thorough review! It takes a lot of diligence to keep focused on the task at hand and you do a marvelous job.

I also have one of the Pink Faun USB (and I2S) cables and for the money they are hard to beat.


Nice review! Sounds like the MUON2 USB is a winner, and the dark background may take a few weeks to develop on some cables.

I am surprised CAD II-R cable did not perform that well because it is an expensive one, and it should do better in a great system like yours.

I hope you can demo the Sablon and Omega; they are the kings of USB currently, I believe.


Luca, thanks so much for the detailed review of the Muon2 USB cable. I’m using an earlier Network Acoustics product, the Eno III USB from my Phoenix USB reclocker to my DSC Mk2 DAC. I’m using a Shunyata Alpha USB upstream of the Eno III, between my Innuos Zen Mk3 streamer/server and the Phoenix USB. I’m also using the original Eno filter and streaming cable to filter out ethernet noise going into the Innuos Zen.

It sounds like the Muon2 is a wonderful cable, but I don’t see it listed on the NA website. Is it a completely new model?

Regarding the limitations of using the higher speed Muon Pro ethernet filter with your Phoenix Net switch, do you think that the regular non-pro version of the Muon filter would offer any upgrades in sound quality compared to what you are already getting with the Phoenix Net?

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Thank you.

Yes the launch of this brand new model is scheduled on Sept, I was lucky enough to have it in my hands as a beta tester thanks to Rob, so at the moment you can’t find it on NA official website.

As for MUON non-Pro system, I really don’t know, can’t answer your question. While the ENO works at 100Mb/s so it might perform at its best also with the PhoenixNET. It’s a matter of performance, as per design, not the ability to merely work or not. I remember a forum member who uses the Muon Pro with the PhoenixNET and he’s pretty happy about it.
I like the PhoenixNET in my system and I don’t want to replace it with an ethernet filter, so I didn’t ask NA for a Muon Pro demo. If they can suggest a filter as add-on (like the ENO), I’d take into account the possibility to do some experiments, otherwise I’m already settled.
I’m also already using a Pink Faun LAN Isolator, that it is doing a great job and I miss it each time I try to remove it.

Email Rob your questions, he’s very responsive, also on Saturday or Sunday. And he’s honest in suggesting how can work or not, at least in my experience.


Luca, thanks for the additional information. I’ll look for the Muon2 USB on the NA website later this month.

I’ve read so many great comments about the Innuos Phoenix Net from so many users (like you) that I’m seriously considering whether it’s a worthwhile investment for me. NA says that a lower speed switch (like the Phoenix Net) is not a perfect match for the Muon Pro filter (if I would eventually want to add it), but it may still have positive effects on sound quality. The switch-speed issue got me also looking into the Nordost QNET switch which gets positive reviews and offers both higher and lower internet speeds. However, when talking with a dealer who sells both Nordost and Innuos products, he commented that the sound quality gains with the QNET seemed to emphasize detail and imaging while the Phoenix Net seemed to emphasize naturalness, realism, and ease across the spectrum. I haven’ t heard either switch, so I don’t know what either switch would do in my system.

For now, I’ll probably focus on adding a high-quality ethernet switch first, before I invest in another ethernet filter to replace my Eno filter. I won’t hesitate to contact Network Acoustics via email if I have further questions. My prior contacts with NA have been with Rich (Rob’s partner), but I think both Rich and Rob are very responsive to customer questions.

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Looking at a Hans B video review on YouTube, the Muon non-pro seems to operate at 100 Mb/s, just to answer later to your previous question.

As for PhoenixNET I’m very happy, period. I owned Innuos combo PhoenixUSB+ZENith MK 3+PhoenixNET and it sounded great. I’m incline to consider a good choice, in my experience, matching same brand products on the same path.

Even when I upgraded to the Statement Next Gen, as recommended by Innuos, I kept the PhoenixNET in the chain, no regrets.

Good luck for your decision.


I wonder with more time in the system, does Muon2 sound even better now.

With the PhoenixNET in the system, do you still need another Lan filter? I do not know how much benefit it will bring since you already have a great setup.

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I’m currently using the Pink Faun 2.16 Ultra into a Tambaqui. I had been using the Pink Faun USB, but switched to the Curious Cable Evolved. I thought that while the Pink Faun was a bit smoother, the depth and width of the soundstage was better with the Evolved, as was the transparency. I assume that you haven’t compared the Muon with the Curious Cable. But I was wondering, as you put more time in with the Muon, do you still find it a better cable than the Pink Faun?

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There is not a single answer, I’m afraid.

I like the Pink Faun USB, due to its ability to bring a lifelike sense to the presentation, pleasant and realistic. I agree with you it seems pretty smooth. On the other hand the Muon2 has more openness and separation, even if never edged or bright. It sounds musical, clear and more unveiled, at the right degree.

I’m still using the Muon2, probably because there is another Pink Faun ethernet cable in the path, between the switch and the server/streamer, that has the same sound signature of its USB brother and it can easily compensate the result. Giving to the system a good equilibrium IMO.

I don’t know the Curious cable but I’m purchasing a Stealth ethernet cable, so my impressions could change soon.

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Thanks. An interesting point, as I also use the PF ethernet cable and LAN isolator. I may just have to give the Muon a shot. In the meantime, I’ll be interested in your thoughts on the Stealth cable.

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Come to my mind the words from Scott (CAD’s owner): ‘“There is a lot of noise created in ethernet networks. It is hard to do “too much” noise reduction”

I was using the PhoenixNET and the Pink Faun LAN isolator, but yesterday I put into the chain also the Waversa EXT-2 isolator… and the result is really pleasant. Al would say, it sounds nice!

The music flows more vivid and coherent, the soundstage expanded and most of all got a remarkable threedimensionality. It’s a keeper and seems to work better between the switch and the server/streamer.


By the way, have you compared the Stealth and Muon USB cables?

I just ordered a Stealth ethernet cable, that is expected to be shipped within 6-8 weeks.

Eventually after that I can order also a Stealth USB, one step at a time.

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They are nice cables.

Which of the Stealth USB do you use?

I have tried Stealth USB T-select and I was impressed! Are they coming out a new version for USB too?

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I have the USB T-Select. I think it is on par with a Shunyata Sigma. But this new double tuner model has my attention. But it would only replace my T-Select and I don’t need to improve “that system”. I don’t use USB in my main system.

Yes Donald, yet unreleased but already available. The new model sports 2 tunable collars.


Just when I thought I am safe on cables. :roll_eyes: That Stealth USB with two collars is scary.

If you love their two-collar ethernet, I can see where are you going next.