Pink Faun 2.16


I just took possession of my new top of the line Pink Faun 2.16 server, and it is an absolute revelation. I had been using their earlier model for a few years and while it worked fine, I was never in love with it - it did not blow the earlier multi media servers I had been using out of the water. To be honest, I had not experienced step change improvements between any of the servers I have been using for a decade. Then I traded it in for the 2.16 and this is an entirely different animal. Nothing in the CAPS evolution can hold a candle to it. Separation between instruments, air around the instruments, spacial cues, the works. Then entire audiophile lexicon applies. It runs Windows, so unlike the vast majority of other turn key servers you can run windows on it, allowing you to run Dirac live (not deployed yet - waiting for the new version coming out in 2 weeks). I am using it in MCH mode using their 8 channel I2S output card into a stack of 3 PS audio dacs.


Looks like nice stuff from their website…congrats!


With luck, mine will be here in 2-3 weeks. Jord says they burn them in on the bench for at least a week…

Some pictures of the replaceable CPU and system clocks. They’re working with Connor Winfield on low(er) phase noise clocks but they don’t have an estimate for production yet, see prototype measurements below. -130dBc/Hz@10Hz offset. Current OH200 are only -100dBc/Hz@10Hz offset. Only!


Did you purchase yours from the Netherlands, or is there a dealer in North America?


Bought direct. There is no dealer.


Yeah, this is like 3 guys. I also bought direct from Rehen, The Netherlands where their shop is…they have one dealer, also under the name Triple M in Poland.

They designed and built the Sound Galleries SGM 2015 for a shop in Monaco. I believe it was essentially their AV Streamer from ~2015 and sold for double what it costs direct. Its in Monaco, and I know when I’m there, with my crew, on my yacht, I don’t really care what it costs. :wink: