New foo_input_sacd release 1.0.5

foo_input_sacd-1.0.5 is now available (

I’ve been using it for a few days with no problems.

There’s one bug fix that might help those of you who didn’t have gapless playback of DSDIFF track files - I don’t know the details but it’s worth checking. Most often the files themselves were improperly generated, so it could go either way.

The new features that might interest some of you are:

Support for “DSD DSP” - converting to DSD64, 128, etc is separately configurable for each PCM sample rate or DSD rate. e.g. maybe you only want to downconvert DSD256 or DSD512 to DSD128 without changing anything else…

Playing both DSD and PCM - the DSD goes to the output as DoP but the rest of foobar2000 sees the converted PCM so that things like meters, spectrograms, etc. all work on DSD source material. (I especially like to run the WinAmp MilkDrop visualizations at times and it used to wedge with DSD, now it works seamlessly.)

Support for the latest release of WavPack: e.g. support for DSD in WavPack files.

Support for ID3v2 tags in dsf/dff files.

The 1.x.x releases don’t require or use the ASIOProxy. They have native support for sending DoP over any driver so you don’t need to use ASIO at all.

I did have problems with 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 which caused foobar2000 to report bogus sample rates (I think that only happened with the combined DSD/PCM output, but I’m not sure.) I haven’t seen this with 1.0.5.