foo_input_sacd 0.7.1 and foobar2000



For those that are using the foo_dsd_asio and foo_input_sacd plugings from the project, he has reverted to 0.6.4.

The 0.7.1 version had problems transitioning from DSD to 96k PCM (for example) You’d get invalid samplerate errors in foobar2000.


Update: he changed the file a week later and left the version number the same. The new one seems to work fine.

When you update be sure to both reinstall the foo_dsd_asio ASIO proxy (e.g. run “ASIOProxyInstall-xxxx.exe”) and re-add the foo_input_sacd.fb2k-component to foobar2000.

The explicit link to 6.5 should I be wrong is:


Are the problems with the foo_dsd_asio and foo_input_sacd plugins solved? Can I use the latest version

The howto on is not completely clear to me.

I am currently streaming FLAC files with foo_upnp to the PS Audio Bridge. I am not sure how to configure Foobar with DSD. Is the foo_input_sacd.fb2k-component the only one I need? I don’t need DFS/ISO tagging or USB support.

FYI: I am receiving my DirectStream next week and I want to start using DSD files.

Thanks in advance.


I just want to check your expectations, the foo_dsd_asio ASIO proxy (which you need in foobar2000 to play DSD) only talks to ASIO drivers. If you want to send DSD to the bridge you’ll have to find another path. To my knowledge you can’t just use foobar2000 and it’s plugins to send DSD to the bridge.

JRiver MC is not very expensive and with a few correctly set options plays DSD both over USB and to the bridge.

It doesn’t look like anything past 7.1 is available yet, on the other hand he changed the file a week later and left the version the same :)

The 7.1 that’s there seems to work fine.

Just in case here’s an explicit link to 6.5:

Since I wrote the howto you’ll have to be a little more explicit about which part of the instructions didn’t work for you: they were correct for 6.4 or 6.5.


I found a solution to a problem I had with foobar2000 and I thought it might be helpful for people experiencing the same problem.

When playing dsf albums I downloaded I got a strong click between tracks, and it seemed that the last XX seconds of the end of each track were cut off. I didn’t have this with dsf files I recorded myself, strange as it may seem. PCM files had no issues, only “official” dsf.

After searching online I tried some suggestions, and finally found something that fixed the problem for me. I set the buffer length (Preferences/Output) to the minimum, 50ms. Now, there is absolute silence between tracks.

I have the most basic interface for foobar, without any bells or whistles, if you have a skin or other heavy stuff the buffer length may not be enough, but in my case foobar doesn’t seem affected.


Great news wim! I’ve been tempted to try foobar. How does it sound compared to eMM for PCM playback?


I haven’t tried eMM, but I like foobar better than JRiver. JRiver has too many bells and whistles for my taste, and my impression is that foobar just puts out what you put into it, whereas JRiver sort of adds its own flavor a bit. foobar is a work horse, JRiver is a show horse, you could say. But that’s only me, others may feel very different.


I switched from EMM to Foobar and now finally to Minimserver. Minimserver is the only one which can stream DSD over the network to the PS Audio Bridge. The only drawback is that Minimserver and the Bridge do not support double DSD…


JRiver will also stream DSD to the Bridge. Foobar2000 is the only one that streams gapless to the Bridge. Life is a series of tradeoffs.


JRiver is working on getting gapless streaming working.


That’s interesting. Do they say so on their forum somewhere?


Yes. I believe its in the new features of JRiver 20 area. They have ASIO working now for dsd iso’s (and likely dff’s etc. too) and all other mainstream resolutions. Sounds GREAT IMO. happy-132_gif


Okay. I’m going to try foobar. I downloaded the latest stable release but I need help with the other add-ins I’ll need for my plan of use, and tips on setting it up for optimal sound.

I will be using foobar to stream to the Bridge (no USB). So what all add-ons do I need to do that, gapless, transcode to WAV for PCM, and DSD? Can foobar do ISO yet or do I have to do DoP?


There’s a link “How to play DSD files on Foobar” in the “How To” section that was a great help to me when I set up foobar for the DS.
Also, in the thread “DirectStream DAC General Discussion (was First Impressions)” on page 87 there’s a lot of info about an issue I had with foobar that Ted helped me solve. Ted also gives a lot of recommended settings there.
Good luck!


Wim, I can’t find “How to play DSD files on Foobar” in the How To section.


It’s here. I used it when I started messing around with foobar.



Looked at the link. It seems to be based on using USB. Anyone know if I can use this methodology to get it to work over Ethernet?


Since no one else has answered, I’ll give you what little info I have.

Install foo_upnp component (more info here). You will have a UPnP controller, browser, and server available. There is also another component, foo_out_upnp (see here), which I also have installed; this apparently lets foobar see and play to any renderer on your network, such as the Bridge.

One thing that it took me a while to wrap my head around is that if you install the UPnP components, you have two different players within foobar, the standard one and the UPnP. The standard one does gapless, but IIRC the UPnP one only does if the renderer supports it, which the Bridge I does not.

If I browse to a file in the UPnP browser and right-click on it, then choose UPnP Controller, one option is to play (or enqueue) on Network Bridge. If you play with the screen layout, you can set the UPnP controller to be visible also. See screenshot.

I know this isn’t complete info, but it will get you started. A more complete “How to” for foobar with the Bridge would be helpful.



Tony, it’s actually pretty simple if you’re only going to stream to the Bridge. I initially fooled around with a lot of stuff that proved to be unnecessary. Following a suggestion by Ted, I recently did a clean install in a spare machine and this was all it took:

Download foobar2000 at and install it.

Pick a basic “appearance” when prompted (doesn’t really matter which).

Go to the components page on the foobar site and download UPnP MediaRenderer Output 1.0 beta 4 and install it. Apply the change and restart foobar2000 when promoted.

In preferences/output, select your PWD or DS and 24 bits.

In preferences/media library, point it to your music folder(s) (loading the library was the only step that took much time and even that is pretty fast).

In my case, I use the monkeymote4foobar iPad controller so I installed its component (when you purchase the app from the App Store, it will tell you where to find it; you get it from the monkeymote site and it installs like other foobar components; you need to restart foobar2000 after installing it).

Edit: As Ted notes below, foobar doesn’t stream DSD to the Bridge. The above was intended as general set-up advice for streaming PCM to the Bridge using foobar2000.


I like the simple approach that stevem2 used. No sane approach is going let foobar2000 stream DSD (DoP or not) to the bridge (or other DLNA device). The only support that I know of in foobar2000 for DoP is in the external sacd asio proxy, which means, … well, … you have to be sending thru ASIO. The more complicated UpNP/DLNA foobar2000 has lots of DLNA features (renderer, server, controller) but none of them address DSD. I’m sure that some weird loop back Rube Goldberg arrangement could be set up to play DSD from foobar2000 to the bridge via twitchy virtual cables and/or JRiver, etc., but you’d never know what went wrong when the music stops.


Thanks Ted. I read Tony22’s reference to playing DSD over foobar but it went right past me and I focused on general set-up to stream foobar to the Bridge. I have never gotten foobar to play DSD over the Bridge. I generally use JRiver over USB when I want to play DSD files although JRMC will also stream single rate DSD to the Bridge.