New Listening Room In Pakistan - by John H. Brandt

Need some input. Current ht in there is 7.2. I want to rewire for atmos 7.2.2 And am a little confused about where the recommended height channels go. Currently I’m planning for the 7 at ear height, and the heights at the front.

But some recommend the heights should be either directly above listening position, or off to the sides above the surrounds.

Inputs, please?

I would start with Dolby’s recommendations. Pick your poison among these various setups: Dolby Speaker Setup Guides.

“11.1.8”:astonished: all the way!

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Sorry for the delay in updating… Been enjoying the new room a lot! But the room got done and equipment got plugged in a couple weeks ago…

Was so excited to finally have everything up and running… I setup the nagra and roughly where I thought the speakers should be placed and hit play!

… And there was distortion like I’ve never heard before. Was so disheartened… It turned out that, because everything was just so quiet in this room (no reflections of any sort), so in order to get the same dB level as before, you require MUCH more power… And the Nagra 50 watters were just not enough. The modulo meter on the front was redlining and (I assume) clipping. To confirm my suspicion, I borrowed a friend’s Classe CT 600, and sure enough, it was glorious. But more on the room later…

I was planning on getting the bhk 300 next year, but had to prepone my plans and they arrived last Sunday.

A few pictures of the (almost) finished setup…

Currently the speakers are 50" from the hard back wall, at 32.5 degrees to either side, pointed straight at me. Completely arbitrary placement as a starting point and the results are amazing. The imaging extends from well outside the speakers and looms large well above them. It’s almost like the speakers are just not there. In a darkish room, it’s almost freaky that you have instruments appearing out of blackness on the front wall.

The separation in the music is crazy. The instruments, vocals etc are so clearly defined, I personally have never experienced anything like this.

But the big win for me has been the bass. Deep, extending, expansive sound… I had an almost square room before, so anything would have been better, really. But the bass in the system is one of a much bigger pair of speakers.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a preamp yet (the bhk signature is on its way) and I currently have the dsjr as the front end. I have thus not yet been able to do an rew analysis on it. I will do that in the coming days and if there is still some interest, will post the results here.

I put together a quick time-lapse of a few days… Check it out:

Thanks for listening!



Thank you for sharing. So many of us dream of building a better space. It’s been fun to live through you if only vicariously.


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Nice room (and gear!). Time-lapse video is interesting to watch…you had quite a team working on it. Glad the plan and sound is to your liking.

I have the BHK pre and predict you won’t be disappointed out of the box, however, it will get better as it breaks in!! Thanks for posting…I look forward to your next update.