New Look Forum?

I think this is the 4th time during my time in the PS Community that the forum hosting service has been changed.

…and I am NOT @scotte_1

sigh, permalinks used and compatible with the new…? I link externally here and there, those still work to the old forums-- that will go away no doubt.

I gotta setup my own blog.

I haven’t read through the thread (or looked at other parts of the site for changes), but after posting a reply in another I can say that I think you’ve made the common mistake of taking a forum site that needed a little modification in design and instead largely wiped out what was good about it, what made it easy to look at quickly and use, rendering it visually more difficult to decipher and use. Heck, I couldn’t even figure out how to quote a previous post. Two things that I can see quickly:

  • For the past couple of years, browsers have been using extra large font size - 110% or so seems the new normal. That has meant, depending on the browser, 10-20% less on screen vertically (e.g., compare new and old at Yahoo or a news site). If the curmudgeonly user like me prefers to see more at one time and hence reduces the size to the “real” 100% (or even slightly smaller) that used to be standard, your site’s forum text now appears as very small. It’s Opera in my case, which allows a switch in the start string for reducing font size. I had to switch to one of the large size browsers, FF, to make it easier to post this.

  • The Community>Forums page has now become visually very busy, while the forum pages (post pages) seem to have even more blank space. In addition, I find having the username spelled out rather than an avatar that requires figuring out and brushing one’s mouse over easier to use over on the right (last contributor post).

We will be increasing the forum’s text size by 15%, although this is more for the mobile users who have indicated they are having difficulty reading posts on their devices.

Have you checked if your past links work? If not, this may be something we can address.

It is exceedingly easy, just highlight the text you would like to quote and then click reply. This will quote the highlighted text.

My fervent hope is this will encourage posters to quote only that which is absolutely needed to respond, not the entire post.

Yes! Works great. Thanks Elk!:grin:

Yes, it does work great, but is not intuitive. In fact, it’s quite unusual in my experience. I don’t know the best solution, but one might be to have a “quote” button that instead of quoting shows the “highlight the text…click reply” as a balloon.

Very little about this forum software is intuitive and will take some getting used to.

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I find little intuitive with any forum software. Yet they all become comfortable with use. The old forum had many, many quirks. But they were our forum’s quirks. :slight_smile:

I have learned numerous text editors, word processors, and music notation programs over the years. Once you know one, the next is easier as you know generally what can be accomplished. You just need to learn how the new program happens to work.

Me too. I still think the idea of a “Quote” button in its usual location bringing up a balloon pop up is not a bad way of making it easier to use. It wouldn’t be hard to implement.

Btw, in Opera, at least, the Search/Copy pop up after highlighting text is wholly or partially covering the “Quote” button. Wholly in the case of this post.

they work and point to the old forum

example, I link back to the psaudio dac–>

I can fix recent stuff… but maybe you guys are handling it with the transition?

The quote button is fear and in the clear in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge (the browsers I have on hand).

I never even noticed the quote button however; I highlight text and then click “reply.”

I get the full overlap when I highlight your post 30, consistently with the second paragraph only and sometimes with the both. Unfortunately, screenshots of that, tried a few ways, only show “Quote,” not the Search/Copy.

Another thing this brings up is identifying posts by #. One has to click within the post, but it’s actually not that certain. If I click, say, post 28, it shows in the URL and sometimes over on the right, e.g., 28/33 (even then, the latter may show the number for one post up; that is, it doesn’t necessarily move with the clicks). But if I click on the next post, both may or may not change. And even if I do, clicking on the next post doesn’t; i.e., one has to do a lot of clicking up and down the page to get the numbering showing correctly (Opera).

I do not like this new format ! I had two topics I was following : I2S/HDMI Cable and Belden ICONOCLAST interconnects. These topics have disappeared ! I will have more time now to read other websites !

I’m not following, but others may. If I click within a post nothing happens. If I want to see the post number, I click either on the permalink at the bottom or on the time stamp at the upper right. The ladder post number display on the right matches up as well.

Do you have the same issues using other browsers?

See, here

And here

Thanks, Elk. This is a little different, guys. Elk’s doing a great job straightening things out and making it right. Let’s work with it for a while. Thanks.

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Nice look and great work with such a smooth transition of all the threads and personal data! I think it will be great progress as soon as everybody got used to it.

Moving is difficult work. I think people will like the new forum once they get accustomed to it, but the learning curve is steep.

I gave our test forum a workout, pushing every envelope as hard as I could. I was, and remain, impressed. But there are some quirks.