New Look Forum?

Ted I use a MAC. I discovered that if I hold down the Command key and press the + button the text on my screen gets larger. Loved the smallish font issue for me.

iOS font…
If you click on the menu tab and scroll to the bottom of the category list there are two modes to chose from.
One is desktop and the other is for mobile. Mobile increases the font size some for iOS users. It’s not a huge improvement but it does help some.


Yes Ctrl+ makes ALL of the fonts and pictures bigger. What I don’t like is the text of the messages being small and everything being on the edge of too big. Things seem a little better balanced now.

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Mark-d, thanks for the tip! I had used the software before and thought there was a way to switch between desktop and mobile.

Test post

Please change my display name to busterfree, not sure where this other name came from


The nature of the appearance of these odd user names is a mystery, but they are at lease creative.

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I remember the dramas the last time the forum hosting was changed, and the time before that. This time will be no different, changes always introduce new learning curves. At least this time we have tech-savvy others to do much of the heavy lifting for the forum migration, reducing the burden on Paul to keep the good ship on an even keel.
The about-to-be deprecated forum was fine with me…I don’t like the new format.

You are welcome pmotz…

Understood and yes, change is tough. For me the unsettling nature of a new thing brings a day or two of discomfort. Not in my element, not in my zone. Like driving in a new city. It’s stressful. What I do is focus on the improvements, some of the reasons why we made the change in the first place. Take for example the slider bar to the right of the screen:

This bar was one of the reason we switched. On our older forums we could have 10, 12, even 15 pages of posts one had to wade through to find something. It was a personal nightmare. This forum software gets rid of that in a single swell foop. I just love that scroll bar.

There’s more as well, and I’ll mention them as we move forward.

But, truth is, I am struggling to gain comfort too.

Let us know what you like/do not like as we may be able to help.

A Paul notes, change is difficult and stressful. I do not feel comfortable yet with the new forum and it will take a while to get used to it. But I have found I can do everything I want and there are many improvements such as the speed, and a search function which works! (An oft demanded feature.)

I just want to read what people have to say, simple as that. There is just too much stuff on the page that clutters my reading experience.

Interesting. I am sensitive to visual noise and am not bothered.

When reading a thread, all I see is posts and the scroll bar to the right. Only when I get to the bottom of a thread is there forum tool links and other stuff.

The best part of the new forum is all new posts are listed to the right in a very clear fashion on the homepage. Very nice and useful feature. Easy to stay up-to-date with issues of interest and ignore the others.

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Excellent change to the forum format. Feels just like the Roon setup.


It is, in fact, the same company Roon uses to host their forums.

Yup but I particularly like there ability to scroll through long threads without having to switch pages.

Just discovered the new Forum layout and trying it out… One question, how does Paul look the same but Ted looks younger :))

He’s like Benjamin Button. He gets smarter and younger each and every day. Me, I just se the same photo while I get old and gray.

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Lots and lots of issues with the new forum. I just spent 15 minutes trying to PM a member – and couldn’t even find a list of members. And my avatar is gone. This is a mess. Maybe someone should write a manual for some of us dummies!