Forum Concerns

I deleted the content of this post to avoid confusion about who started this “Forum Concerns” thread. I did NOT start this thread. The former content of this post, along with several posts by others, were moved to this new thread by a moderator without my knowledge or consent. Having the former content of this post be the first post in this thread made it look like I started the thread, which is not the case. In addition, the former content of this post was presented completely out of context here, having been stripped out of the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 thread in which I posted it.

[Bootzilla is correct, he did not start this thread. I did by moving this entire line of discussion from a product thread to here and announced I was doing so. See, below. And I am sorry, bootzilla, my adding this explanatory comment may lock it from further editing, but this should be unnecessary in any event]

@Elk – Your revision, which I appreciate, did not lock this post. I have not edited the paragraph above your revision, but simply added this response below your revision. Thanks.

I am sure it was @Elk. He just loves to remove even judicious uses of quoting. He is a context killer. The problem is he is a Dictator so complaining about it does no good as he does not care what anyone else might think about his actions.

None of which is true.

If you have some constructive suggestions I am most interested, but please do not muck up this thread any further as it is zipping along nicely. Or, at your option, you can send some more unpleasant PM’s to me as you have done in the past. Your call. :slight_smile:

I am sorry I did not respond to bootzilla’s post. I have been at a chamber music rehearsal for the entire evening and just returned.

For anyone who does not know, establishing context is easy. Just click on the “Reply” button in the bottom right of the post to which you are responding, to whit:

Sometimes, there is a lot of text in a post and context is hard to get unless part of that text is trimmed and included. I have explained this to you before but you discount it out of hand and continue in your draconian ways regardless.

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I agree that people ought to be able to post with or without a quoted text. I personally find it easier to follow when a quote is directly there vs having to click on their name. The main point is that this is a forum for PS Audio customers. Without the customers, there would be no PS Audio or a PSA forum. So unless someone is being rude or mean, as a PS Audio customer they ought to be able to post in whatever manner suits them, with or without quotes. Both ways ought to be welcome.


I’ve been reading this particular post a hundred times thinking whether I should respond to it or not. And I decided to do it, since I just don’t agree with the way this works. My sheer three weeks on this forum already has me doubting whether I should post something or not and if yes where…? And I better make sure that I don’t make typo’s 'cause they will be corrected also. The same exact reason I quit being on Fb and all that other social crap. I realise I am a guest and I have to obey certain house rules obviously. But since this is not Hotel California I can checkout anytime I like and… I can even leave. Thing is however: I like the folks here, so that’s a bitch to swallow. Catch my drift…?


Yes he used to annoyingly do this on the previous forum software where it (maybe) made more sense, because of how posts and quoted texts were laid out.

It makes absolutely no sense to do that with this new forum software. I find it bizarre. And creates unnecessary work for himself.

A lot of forums use this same software and I don’t see this kind of post editing anywhere… and those forums function more than fine…

With this new forum software, it’s time to let go a bit of past habits I think…

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Wow, I am certain this is a bit harsh and rather unwarranted. I know Elk and that does not describe him whatsoever.

Moderating a forum’s a tough job. In our forums we rely upon the goodwill and unselfish help of our community.

Elk, in my opinion, does a great job. Does he on occasion lay a heavy hand to maintain a semblance of order amongst us? Yes. But he’s not a dictator.

Consider your words. A dictator is a self serving narcissist intent on maintaining power and control at the expense of everything else. That is a very different role than a well intentioned volunteer generously investing their time, energy, and
efforts in the hopes of keeping us on some ill defined course and not killing each other.

We may not all agree on how heavy his hand should be but let’s at least be kind and appreciative of our community’s generosity.


Agreed we are lucky to have him. these forms can get so out of control without some good over site. I personally find this form the best of all that I visit

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Agreed. This is as good as it gets for a public forum of nameless, faceless souls that have no good reason to behave other than common interest and respect for others opinions and experiences.
Elk does a good job at trying to keep it civil and organized without being too military and Paul does a great service to have the forum exist at all.

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Thanks. Me too. Elk does a great job but I do understand how he (and me) can ruffle a few feathers from time to time.

I personally have no experience of Elk doing this, but as a basic principle of free speech, he ought not edit people’s posts in anyway. The only exception is if someone is rude or otherwise breaks community rules.

If people’s posts are being edited for the sake of tidiness, that is frankly bizarre.


Not to discount the principal of free speech as a reason to not edit, but I find it more cumbersome, inconvenient, and time consuming to click on the link to expose the previous post being referenced AND THEN have to cipher through that text body to determine on my own what the follow up post was referencing. As a forum user, the quoted text function is uber-efficient as the relevant content ONLY is right there, not requiring any searching or interpretation. This is especially true for those who are very active in reading posts on a daily basis. This is true even if the quote tool is used on the very next reply.

The other problem, as @Elk has previously explained, is our posts are then no longer editable once he deletes the quote on the back end. The system automatically locks the post, which means the author of the post can no longer make any changes to his/her post, which is really bad. This is a feature/flaw in the forum software.

I really don’t feel its use creates clutter or superfluous length in posts and threads. I like to use quotes, and I do, for the reasons I just stated. The way I see it, the feature is built-in for the forum members to utilize and it really should be allowed based on the members’ sole discretion, unless there is some violation of forum rules, ethics, or general etiquette.

Just my respectful opinion on the matter. Ok, back to the regularly scheduled program…


Gonna chime in here too. I think quotes can be very useful when communicating. I use them as well. It’s not a hill to die on but on the other hand, I don’t understand what’s objectionable about using them.

Note, this comes from someone who respects what Elk has achieved here: a nice, civil tone to nearly 99% of all posts. Heck of an accomplishment on the internet. I would not participate if it weren’t civil. Too much incivility at work, don’t need it here.


Agree! On all points.


How interesting this all is: Free speech is of course the fundamental of this “discussion” here. However, we are in someone else’s house…! How do I behave in your house, what can you say in my house before I have to “moderate” you…? On a larger scale we see this also happening at Facebook, Twitter and the likes. If I speak for myself, in my house you can say pretty much everything you like, as long as you speak in a language I can understand and don’t critisize my home made speakers. Hahaha… And now some tequila, it’s five o’clock somewhere…!

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Paul, there are many levels of dictatorship. Elk may be generally benevolent, but he still does what he wants with no apparent way for the members to affect his behavior.

The fact that all you do is defend him and not listen to member complaints just adds to the problem. Yes, being a moderator is not easy. But it is easy to abuse power. How about telling him to let us use quotes? This is the ONLY forum I have ever been on that has outlawed quoting and it is ridiculous!


I know the feeling… It annoys me when I put up a quote which may only be 6 words and my quote is removed without any reason given and locked away. What improvement was gained by removing 6 words when there could be several hundreds beneath the quote ? It’s ludicrous…. I know that if one clicks on the right side arrow above the text then the post I’m replying to can be read in its entirety… But this constant house keeping of removing every quote without any need, just because Elk can, is bordering on a god complex…


That’s not true. This is a private company’s website. The “understood” principals of free speech don’t apply.


Hey dude… You quoted…! :angry:

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