New Look Forum?


You see, there are ways of handling quoted text than discouraging it. In fact, I like quoted text because it gives me context right then and there. I’ll go back to ZenForo. When you quote text, it puts it an mini window that that scrolls. That way, no matter how much text is quoted, the post is manage to view.

It’s not like storage space is at a premium here and that quoting is causing a space problem. Well, if it is, the site has bigger problems than quoting.


To see the earlier post to which a post is responding, simply click on the arrow and avatar in the upper right of a post; e.g.:


This opens a window with the entire previous post. You need not even scroll through it as required in XenForo. :slight_smile:


I know how it works…


Does this not provide you with the context you indicated you like?


It’s not the same thing as having instant context without having to remember to click on something.

Trying to reduce or eliminate quoting is similar to MQA touting reduced bandwidth usage. A solution to a problem that does not exist.


Certainly there is a variety of perfectly reasonable preferences.

This system strikes me as a great compromise. Those who do not need/want lots of quotes need not see them. But if you want to see the earlier post it is a simple click away.



Just “bumping” a post I made recently elsewhere in this thread… FYI: “I would also like to see the signature (usually used to show “my system” by posters) option returned. I often used the poster’s system information to help “process” his/her comments, opinions, etc. Sticking this information in the profile of the poster one or two (or more?) clicks away from the discussion is not convenient. “Clutter” is in the eye of the beholder. If some are disturbed by the clutter of signatures, how about the ability to toggle it off and on in posts. My $0.02 on this particular function… Cheers.”


The About Me field is a single click away.

Simply click on either the avatar or user’s picture for it to be displayed. Paul’s is a great exemplar. Upon clicking, you see the information he has chosen to display, a direct link for messaging him, etc.

The About Me field is the same as a signature, but is not automatically displayed with every post.


Noted, thanks.