New Look Forum?


I find the forum easy to navigate. Understandably daunting to begin with but it soon made sense to me. Definitely better than the old model…


Thanks. Maybe when we want to upgrade forum software yet again we’ll have a look at XenForo. I wish I had known about it earlier. At least we’re making some sort of progress.


I, too, have found the last visit line does not move if I visit the forum continuously on an hourly basis. I do not know what the time threshold is for the line to move. I find it works well for me overall however.


While I have not done it, I assume leaving a tab in your browser all the time open to “Latest” will work here for you just as well as it does for the Roon forum, yes?

I ran into the Discourse founders’ comments on Mark All Read when trying to find an answer to your original question. I do not follow their reasoning for not including the function. I see no harm in adding it in as some have requested. One can decide to use it or not.

I have yet to use a piece of software without silly appearing quirks. I tend to find them amusing rather than annoying.

I have long ago accepted computers do not do what you want; but rather exactly what you tell them to.


How does one delete messages sent to a member? Thanka


You can delete sent messages in your sent box, but once the message is sent it cannot be recalled, just like regular email.

Is this what you are asking?


No, I’m asking how to clean out the inbox, sent mail, other boxes. The only option I saw was to archive.


You can not delete PMs, but you can archive them. Archived messages will no longer appear in your inbox or sent messages folders, only in your archive folder. This will clean up your inbox and sent mail folder.


I find this unacceptable from a security point of view. This needs to be changed.




Privacy. The right to delete private messages. That seems pretty basic. The old forum had this function. Sites are known to get hacked.


I understand. I think of security as protecting PII, etc. I hope people are not exchanging PII, credit card data, etc. via PMs.

We can check, but I believe only admins can delete email and this is likely only a flag in any event. As you of course know, rarely is anything on a computer server actually deleted.


The best thing about this forum incarnation is that it’s fast. At least MUCH faster, than the previous one.

A strange thing - with every new “life” my posts counter gets severely decreased. I should’ve made a backup of the most important things. Yeah, always…


Looking for the signature function and can’t find it. Still around? I don’t see it in Preferences. It’s helpful at times.


There is no function which automatically adds a signature to each post. Rather, under Profile you can enter whatever bio information you would like. Those interested simply click on your avatar to see it.


Bio and signature are not the same. There should be sig function to put systems in. It doesn’t need to show by default, as I think the older forums did it. What it does is allow users to reference what other posters are listening to and allows me to have a list that I can copy and pass on if asked, by pm for example.


Yes, a bio and a signature are not the same. This is on purpose.

This forum is intentionally set up for clarity and efficiency. Thus, for example, there is a direct Reply function to every post, eliminating the need to quote anything in a post to which you are replying. This cleans up threads tremendously.

Similarly, there is no signature function which simply adds clutter. If you want to tell others something about yourself and/or your system, you fill in your bio. If anyone wants to see this information they can easily access it.

Placing something in your bio is optional, just like adding a picture to your avatar. Most have not bothered to do either.


Your answer is an example of why I quickly quit offering suggestions about the new design. People will not do what’s not encouraged, which then becomes your justification for not providing it. The fact is that in some discussions the presence or ready availability of that information via profiles was an explicit part of discussions without having to ask. No more.


It appears you have misunderstood my answer. I am merely passing on the forum designers’ stated goals and reasoning.

You are certainly correct there are discussions where readily available information via profiles is relevant and it is convenient to have access to it without asking. As I mentioned, this is easily accomplished by filling out your bio (labeled “About Me”).

Go to Preferences --> Profile and fill out the About Me field. You can even upload a profile background picture if you would like.

When you state “People will not do what’s not encouraged” to what do refer? I encourage everyone who would like to have their bio/system information readily available to fill out their About Me field.

Similarly, I encourage anyone would like a picture to accompany their avatar to upload their picture of choice. Go to Preferences --> Account and second form the bottom you will find Profile Picture. Click on the little pencil next to the generic letter picture and upload your picture of choice.

If you need help with with either of these tasks, or anything else, please let me know. I am happy to assist in any way I can.


I get this feeling every time I get a reply on this subject.