New Look Forum?


I do not have any difficulty finding anything, but then again I read every post. Plus, the search function is excellent.

How would you structure the categories differently so the forum is no longer unattractive with difficult to find topics?


As a Roon user I’m familiar with this format but probably with time will adjust to it.


I like this feature too, works better than the old forum with one exception. Ever since we went to the new forum I have been getting every day “new” posts which are actually old and from six or more months ago. I’ve been thinking this is due to old “missing” posts being added in, but it’s been a while now. Are the IT folks still finding missing threads? I do notice that there is a small blue dot next to new posts when you first open the new thread, but the blue dot disappears almost immediately so it is of no use for determining is something is new once you start reading.

I would like to reiterate one feature I would like, a way to increase font size within the forum. We had this with the old forum and my eyes appreciated it!


I do not know why you are getting notifications of new posts if everything is actually old. This is not happening to me. If you have not already done so, go through all of your individual preference settings. It took me a bit to understand what each option does.

For font size, ctrl-+ works to make everything bigger on a Windows machine. My understanding is that the Mac equivalent command-+ works as well. I do not know about tablets and phones as I do not use any such thing to read the forum. I understand people have had problems getting the forum to display larger on iThings.


Elk, the keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to work on an iPad, or at least I haven’t found the right combination. I can “pinch” to zoom, but I prefer just a larger font. I did try increasing the font in the iPad “Settings” and it had no effect in the forum.


Yep, an iPad is an iThing with which people have problems.


This might help?
Here’s how:
Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of…
Edit - you are correct it doesn’t work??
The font in the “reply” screen has gotten bigger as I type though :upside_down_face:. Looks like the two finger zoom is the go for the moment, or stronger glasses or a magnifying glass.


I tried the Accesibilty adjustment and it changed everything I looked at except the forum!


This forum is ‘special’ :grin:


I’m not seeing old posts like pmotz describes either, at least not since the first couple days.


I’m seeing those old posts when I am on the iPad. Right now I’m on a PC and it didn’t happen. To small a sample size to say that it’s the iPad, but I wouldn’t be surprised …


FWIW: Now that “migration” is complete (mostly?), I have to say that the new construct is winning me over. The ability to tell what’s new, what’s unread and what’s generally out there at a glance is particularly helpful. I have done just enough project management to know that this transition was a royal PIA for more than a couple people at PSA. Keep up the good work. Nothing’s perfect. Nothing ever is. Cheers!


Thanks for the encouragement and a special thanks to our forum leader, Elk. Without his help this couldn’t have happened.


Wonderful to hear. Thanks!


I hate to be the skunk at the garden party, but I am still not feeling the new forum format. Like everyone here, I have limited time to read audio forums. The PS Audio Forum used to be at the top of my list. Since the format change, however, this forum has effectively fallen off my list. I find the new format confusing and unpleasant to navigate, and the monolithic white background with large areas of wasted blank space is a visual turnoff. If most others prefer the new format then I guess I am in the odd-man-out minority. This is a great online community and I miss participating in it. I hope it is not too late for a format revamp or revision. Thanks.


Is there anything we can do to help?

I find this format much quicker and easier to navigate, as well as physically quicker to load. Like everything new, it takes a bit to become comfortable with it.

The biggest single trick is understanding to click on the PS Audio symbol in the upper left to get to your “home” position. Then click on “Latest” and you find the threads with new posts at the top in bold (you can set your default home to display Categories, Latest, New or Unread - your choice, I like “Latest”). Click on a thread title and you are automatically taken to the latest unread post in the thread. Very slick.

Between clicking on the PS Audio symbol and individual thread titles I can get through a dozen new threads in just a couple of minutes.

Ctrl-+ makes everything bigger and makes the white space on the sides disappear.

As an aside, I like that I can have the edit window open to write this post while at the same time navigating throughout the Forum to check verify my memory is correct, etc.


I do hope you’re in the minority as it’s probably not practical to go back. We can make changes to the look if we know what people want better. But, you find it confusing and unpleasant to navigate. Do you think that’s something to do with the familiarity of the older forums and getting used to the new look or hopelessly flawed?


Thanks for the replies, Paul and Elk. It is probably just me and my resistance to change for change’s sake (I am an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of guy when it comes to these things). I used to visit the forums frequently and then they did a format change recently that really ruined that site IMO. I almost never go there anymore, either. PS Audio is a great company that makes great products and the people on the PSA forum are great. My complaint is strictly with the ergonomics and aesthetics of the new forum format. If no one else is complaining about it at this point then please feel free to ignore me, I will not take offense. I just wanted to register my point of view in the hopes of getting some kind of forum revamp or revision at some point. Last thought on the subject for now: Is there a way to measure the average number of daily users on the new format versus the average number of daily users on the old format? If so, and if the numbers have gone down materially since the change, then I think there is a possibility that there are others out there who feel the way I do but who are too polite to complain. By contrast, if the numbers have stayed the same or improved since the format change, then I think I should learn to get with the program. Thanks.


I am not a fan of this forum software at all. I am used to it because of the Roon forums. Paul even said “Very little about this forum software is intuitive” which makes me wonder why you would choose software that you know not to be intuitive. If solely because you like the mobile interface that is not a great reason.

The Xenforo forum software is far better in my experience both as a user and a forum manager.

It’s pretty clear we don’t have any choice though so we all may as well just shut up and get used to it…


Unfortunately the old forum was well past its useful life. The search function was dreadful, people were losing carefully constructed posts in the midst of entering them, it was painfully slow. It had a limited feature set.

Poor ergonomics; e.g., one could not get to a list of unread posts without physically scrolling to the top of the page, clicking on the proper icon, and waiting . . . The lack of a “Reply” button next to posts meant you had to scroll to the top or the bottom of the page to reply. Thus, most people clicked on “Quote” filling the thread with large unnecessary quotes.

It had nearly non-existent mail capabilities, a poor mobile interface (over 50% of our users are on mobile devices - go figure). :slight_smile:

And then there was the dreadful administrative functions. Moving posts, renaming threads, editing, etc. all involved awkward slow commands which did not always work. I shuddered whenever someone suggesting splitting or combining threads, or even moving single post. Really, it was that bad.

I have no way of numerically comparing the use of the old v. new. We are getting many page hits, lots of referral traffic, new members are registering. Many new threads, and solid activity on old threads.

I initially found the new forum a little tricky, but I find every piece of software a tad confusing a first. And every forum I have ever visited is initially awkward.