New Look Forum?


Great…I lost all the bookmarks for the posts I was following on the old forum. So what…no more dedicated Directstream DAC forum?


Is this the thread you are looking for? Click

Unlike the old forum, the search on this forum works very well. I suggest searching for what you miss reading, you should be able to locate it.

If a thread is in the wrong place, just let me now and I will move it (so far there have been only a couple of these but there may be more.)


Here’s an example of a bookmark for a thread that I was interested in,

Direct connecting PC to PWD (Bridge 1) | PWD DAC Forum | ForumsPS Audio

‘PWD DAC’ had it’s own forum as did the Directstream . Now it looks like every post related to any DAC at all is in the same forum called “DACs”


I’ve just given up trying to post in the “what are you spinning right now” thread. I couldn’t get to the last post from where I’m used to posting…the never ending side panel elevator ride of wait…the simplicity of what I was used to under the old eludes me in the new. If the Roon forum engine is the same as this I’m not even going there for a quick look (I have no interest in Roon anyway, but point being)…that PS Audio has adopted it gives me some patience for persistence, but that also has its limit.


It’s great new forum viewing. Thanks…

Hope Tutors


Thanks! Not everyone likes it but I think it’s quite a bit better experience and enjoy them more. Hope others will too. I’ve not yet found a perfect forum software, but this one’s as close as I’ve seen.


Brodric, what’s the problem? What can we help you figure out?


The “elevator” that Ted particularly likes in the new forum to navigate through long topics just doesn’t get me to the bottom of the topic I want to post in. It’s an endless ride to the bottom that never arrives.


I just tried it and it works perfectly. What browser are you in?


Safari on a MacBook.


I too have a Macbook and while I don’t like or use Safari I did try it and it works fine.

I just grabbed the handle of the elevator with my mouse, drug it to the bottom , and there you have it.


To get to the bottom of a thread click on the “ago” below the elevator.


Whenever I choose a thread to view, the forum automatically brings me to the first post I have not read. It is very slick.

Ted’s suggestion of clicking on the “ago” will get you to the bottom of the thread. After this, you should be directed to the first new post whenever you visit the thread.

Please let us know if this does not work as it should be very simple. I am sorry you are having problems.


It takes some getting used to but it’s growing on me.


Are you having difficulty tagging threads?

Keep in mind also that the forum will also automatically track threads you have posted in unless you tell it otherwise.


It does taking getting used to. Change is hard.

But there are so many wonderful tools here I would hate to give them up. And the speed! I like speed in any form. :slight_smile:


My main issue is that there are no more sub-forums under “DAC’s”, or any other forum as far as I know. It’s not organized anymore. When I browse I want to be able to go to a more specific location rather than having to totally rely on the search function. I typically don’t start threads. I use existing threads to do research. Or I just browse through a forum of a specific piece of gear…like the Directstream. Use to be I could just browse that specific forum, now that’s impossible because there are too many unrelated threads.

Rob Wilgus




We can certainly work on that. We can easily add sub categories and assign posts to them if needed. We want the forums to be easy and useful too. So we’re open to suggestions. I just didn’t want a bunch of empty sub categories.


I agree. Unattractive and difficult to find topics. Bookmarks gone means starting over again.