New member intro...


I just dug out my old gear to set it up again.

Since my primary amp is a delta 100 I thought this would be a good place to check in.

the amplifiers are off being cleaned and aligned and the speakers are being rebuilt.

I cannot find a manual for the Delta 100 I’d really like a service manual if I can find one.

Im hoping for a little help there.

Thanks and greetings


the balance of the system…

PS Delta 100

Dynamo 410 for the bass

Custom Active crossover

infinity reference three primaries

peerless drivers in closed enclosures (made from concrete)

Adcom gtp-500 II

i have no source at the moment … I suppose I need to get a CD player since my Nak is dead.


The ps is back…I bought a used rotel 975 CD player for source.

the speakers are done.

i can’t stop smiling…the Dutch gramophone four seasons with Perlman!!!

That Rotel 975 is a masterpiece.


Land of Make Believe concert is amazing