Amp stands for monoblocks

Dear forum members,
I am going to need amp stands for 2 Plinius SA-103s.
Any recommendations ?
Thank you in advance,
Philippe in Brussels

I got a big amp Friday, I ended up getting this and then got a peice if granite counter cut to put on it, but honestly the Auralex platform is nice on its own, and holds 200lbs

Auralex Acoustics SubDude-HT Subwoofer Acoustic Isolation Platform, 1.75" x 22" x 18"

I realize it says sub, but if you search online it says amp stand

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Thank you Veneet!
What made you choose the Auralex vs the Sanus?

Very affordable here


And elegant too. Good WAF :grinning:

Hi Philippe,

So I use a smaller version of the Auralex under my subs with granite on top. We have wood floors and the foam on the bottom does a great job in dampening the bass through the floor. My wife doesn’t get mad at late night music or movies now. So as it does a good job with dampening vibration I figured that is probably best for an amp sitting on the floor too. The Sanus I liked for the airflow bit it was too high and covered more of my components behind the amp, and it wouldn’t have any vibrational dampening that I could see (I could have put rubber feet, but I worried about ruining the floor)

Thank you Veneet. Makes total sense. I think I will follow in your footsteps :+1:

Anybody else ?

Here is a pic of what it looks like, there is a piece of granite counter top cut to size on top of it


Kick ass! We are blessed!

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Very cool Veneet

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Thanks! Really happy but am concerned as this now kicks off the cycle of needing a preamp, and a p20!

Beautiful indeed. What kind of speakers ?

They are ATC SCM40

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Nice :+1:

Amazon just dispatched the 2 I ordered.
I should have them in the coming days.

Excellent! I hope you like them, I feel like they are very well made for the price

Curious if you got them and if they worked for you

I got them but I am waiting for my second monoblock before deploying them.