New PST transport

Hi All,
Received my new PST Saturday 9/3/22. Right out of the box it was much better than the PWT it replaced. All the adverbs used in previous reviews are what I encountered. Sound stage grew in all dimensions, tighter bass and hearing things I’ve never heard before on redbook. Being my first journey in SACD I like them better than my hires dsf files so far.

If you’re in the market for an SACD transport the PST is a no-brainer for the price.


How much was your PST?


It was $4k. I took advantage of the recent sale.

Thank! Using it with I2S on my DSJr is the best configuration I’ve ever had in the past ~40 years. I embraced CDs from their inception.


Thanks for the post! If we’re showing off the system here at the shop, the streaming sounds nice. But the PST is still our reference to really wow folks.

you’re welcome, James. I have embraced every music delivery format from 45s during the early 60s to hires files of today…even 8-track and DAT. The only YAYAs I get from streaming is from the convenience of it. Needless to say I don’t stream…yet.

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Oh, another PST > DSJr. owner! I thought I was one of the only ones. Glad to be in good company. I also got mine during the sale and have enjoyed every moment with it.

Mind if I ask what your thoughts on the screen are? I’m…uh, a little less than enthused about the screen cover.

Great minds think a like! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the config too.

The display/controls are functional just like on the DSJr. I do miss the cover art. My rack is out of sight from my listening chair so I don’t use the remote, can’t see it…out o sight out o mind. The learning curve was pretty flat/quick for me. I’d rather have development resources spent on the meat of the product than the UI.

What do you think about the new drive? I like it’s solidity, smooth operation.

The drive is great. I will probably have to always be vigilant about the shallow tray but it doesn’t bother me. It feels very premium that makes other drives seem cheap, even the one in my Playstation 5. It seems a little slow at times opening up the tray but from a typical listening position it’s probably perfect. I was sitting right next to mine until just recently, probably not the most usual spot to keep it.

The combo PST-DSD MK II-AirLens will offer the most versatile digital font end money can buy for an affordable high end separates system.

The only alternatives I know are Esoteric and T+A offering CD-SACD-native DSD as well as PCM play back. Out of these PS Audio is the most affordable.
I like the innovative spirit of PS Audio.

The PST is the key component, without the possibility to play discs (yes I am nostalgic) I would miss the essential.

I concur on that comment. I have always made sure I seat the disc in the tray for every player I have owned, but for the first time a few months ago I did not seat it properly in my PST. Got a horrible noise when it started to spin the disc. Luckily no damage done. Now I’m extra careful!

Before making my purchase I was all over the forums, which paid off. It’s automatic to use a little wiggle each time I play a disc.

What cable are you using for I2S?

I picked up an AQ vodka when they went on sale before the 48 version came out.