New release for Van Morrison fans; Moon Dance on HD tracks - awesome


I was quick to download Astral Weeks when I saw it in high-def on HDTracks. It sounds a little better than the Redbook version that I own…How does the high-def version of Moon Dance sound compared to the Redbook version? Did you download the remastered version with additional material…?? Do tell…

Hi Ben,

I down loaded the deluxe version with all the extras, and a little better than the red book.

Excellent to have all the “extra takes” being a Van Morrison fan, really enjoyed the extras and the lead in voices of van during the sessions.

I have about 40 to 50 van albums so adding this to the collection was essential

johno said: I have about 40 to 50 van albums . . .

Wow. This is a serious collection.

But hasn't he only recorded perhaps three dozen? What are the others?

I’m betting different pressings.(?)

I’m not at home at the moment and back after Labour weekend holidays, I will have to export and list them :slight_smile:

I think thirty something is more accurate the others miscellaneous bits and bobs