New stellar strata mk2

Hi. Have someone listened to this yet? I am very curious🤔

I had one on a beta test. The phono stage is very quiet and sounds very good. It has a nice DAC and decent amplifier stage. It does reproduce depth. Of course it is not the equal of my ds mk 2,bhk 250 amp and preamp or the stelkar phono stage but for someone looking for decent performance from an integrated it is very nice.


Thank you🎶

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Anyone know if the remote on the Strata MK2 was upgraded like the one that comes with the new Gold DAC?

I have not seen the Gold DAC remote but the one that came with it when I was Beta testing it was small and reminded me of the remote with the Stellar Phono or the P 15.

I found in the manual where it does have selectable IR codes (IR1 and IR2), so they have addressed the problem I’ve encountered in the past where the Stellar remotes interfere with other remotes. Thats very good news.

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