New to P20

Hi everyone,

I am new to the PS Audio P20.
Just bought one 2nd hand last night.

Mine is the 230V version with US outlet.
I am using Naim equipment.
After manually changing the UK plug to US plug following internet info on the live/neutral, I plug in only the power amp and using the high current zone E. But it immediately loss all the bass.

Is there something I could have done as a 2nd hand unit to reset something or this is just the new “cleaned” sound?
It came already set as regulate to 230V, so I didn’t thought the need to reset anything if there is anything for me to reset?


We may need to do a group prayer to answer that one.


i’ll go first - welcome Ken

there is no way to reset a P20 :slight_smile: back to factory settings

Maybe share a photo of the Status screen on the P20

Other option worth doing if you have a multi meter take the cables out of the wall / power just have them connected to nothing and just check the leads are wired the same way as the UK plug nothing changes just the plug pins are different

other option on the lead front just try with an unchanged lead using a UK to USA convertor plug just to be sure

I have a USA plug type in 230v honestly best thing to do it jump on the net and try some USA leads just makes life easier and safer oh and a bit more fun … in @aangen case a bit more $$$$ but still fun

if i change a lead seems to take a couple hours to settle as well so if your leads are wired correctly let them run for a while

Ps p20 is a great investment good choice naim stuff runs on the higher side from memory so you can bump the voltage out as well

Not sure if anyone else is running Naim and wants to add

Thank you Gareth.

It turns out that for Naim at least, all system has to be on a single power source since it is common or star grounded with a reference grounding point, putting only the power amp in the P20 may disrupt the cohesion of the common ground and the difference capacitance between streamer/pre/power amp.

Now plugging all into the P20 sounds almost back to normal bass wise, as still need to run-in the new US plug I just managed to changed.

Also FYI, can’t tell the difference between SINE/MW and the various settings.
I guess may be my system is not so revealing.

Happy Listening.!

this is how the unit outputs voltage, unfortunately the manuals ps audio use to produce don’t really cover this in any detail and there really hasn’t been much forum chat on this one because its a horse for courses setting based on your equipment and how it reacts to voltage.

Given your comment re Naim gear - this one may have some benefit in playing around with a lot of people in a discussion a few years ago settled for multiwave 4 but as i said everyone’s equipment is different - really is a case of select a track hit play and toggle thru the settings - its subtle but you will settle in on one

playing with output voltage on the unit may also have some affects on your amp and the output.

don’t forget to check the firmware on your unit - the latest firmware and manual :grin: are up on ps audio support pages

As for power cords on the P20 I find if you do grab a higher end cord the best one to replace first is the one from the wall to the P20 - the only one you don;t have to reconfig - have a look at Russ Andrews or future shop they have some good options and heads up cords will make an improvement in your system

the p20 is a great purchase and a building block in your system that will hang over time …

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Clean wouldn’t be the word I use after my P15 upgrade. Alive would be more approprieate, still doesn’t sum up the improvment though.

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Hi all,

Is the MW setting only have effect if Multi-Wave is activated?

Ie:if I am using Sine wave mode, the MW setting of “1-6” is not doing anything?


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Sine will be sine. MW puts ripples over the waveform (as must Clean).

Hey KenPS…

With my system using a P15…sine wave yields greater presence transparent,
sense of dynamics as well vs multi wave depending on mw setting.

However, my system is very sensitive to small changes, so when using multi wave
settings 1 and 2 some of the characteristics of sine remain. using a setting of 3 and up
sounds become denser, fuller at an expense of the benefits of sine wave…

Some of my recordings that I enjoy benefit from multi wave yielding more body
to the sound…settings 3-6 yields an increase in weight as you go from 3-6 in
multi wave.

To enable multi wave just press mw on your remote. To change mw settings press
the - + button on the remote.

The results of sine vs multi will vary from system to system as well as the individual
listeners ears…

Hope this helps
Best wishes

Thanks David for the detail explanation.
I am still very new with this piece of equipment , but I am glad that I got it.



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Hey KenPS…

Your P20 will offer a much upgraded quality of sound…as my P15 did for mine…

Best wishes

Am very happy with my P12, I use Muiltwave 6 as gives me a little more body which I like on my speakers.

Hopefully you sort out your P20

I am also wondering does anyone use ground box and if they will connect to the P20?
If so, where to connect to the P20?
There isn’t a grounding pin in P20 ?

Most importantly, is the P20 on a dedicated 20 amp line, and do you have a decent power cord from the P20 to the wall outlet? I’m happy with an Audioquest Hurricane, but there’s always something better. I also have an isolated ground which probably wouldn’t pass the local code. :wink:

Yes the P20 has a dedicated line.
just sometimes ground box are able to dissipate noise from various equipment in the chain via grounding, I happen to have an active ground box, so wondering if one would like to ground the P20, how to do it? Perhaps connect the ground box to one of the spare plug at the back via a male US plug ?

PS Audio should answer that one.

@KenPS - i’m a fan of the SR grounding, my plan is to go to active but its further down the upgrade chain at the moment - the P20 benefits - i spoke to PS and they recommended one of the screws on the underneath of the P20 - i went for spade on one of the front row screws on the chassis behind the face panel.

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Hello all,

been very busy so I just have time to come back and update on this.

I finally got all my power cables converted to US plug and all my hifi equipment are now plugged into the PS20. I am not 100% sure if my original problem of loosing bass was because my front end (source → preamp) were on wall plug while only my power amp was connected to PS20… but the loosing of bass issue was eliminated!

I also purchased 2x SR UEF US plug enhancer , one plug to the same wall outlet with the PS20, the other at the back of PS20. That was another “dear diary” moment when you know the noise can be eliminated so much more and the bass… man the bass is like “oh I didn’t realised this recording had such a deep bass!”

If you got a chance, try one, at least put at the wall side first.

Happy Friday friends,

I also have another question or a potential problem for my P20. Lately , I keep hearing a clicking noise from the PS20, it is random, may be 10times a day, similar to the sound when you turn on/off a zone.

My PS20 just enter into its first winter, not sure if that sound was only due to internal components contract/expand due to cold weather. Any one?