Power Plant P20 remote control not working anymore

Hi to all, today after turned on my P20 i noticed that remote control doesen’t work anymore. Tried to change batteries, checked the diode on remote wit phone cam and the remote and it works but my P20 doesen’t receive any input. Any suggestion? should i order a new remote on maybe the problem is internal to the regenerator? Thanks in advance.

Restart the P20. Power down, count to ten, power up again.
And if you have an Ethernet cable plugged into the P20, consider unplugging it.

Tried this sequence too but nothing, remote still not responding.

Really? That is very surprising. My P20 is on 100% of the time. Once every six months or so I see the screen is on and I didn’t ask it to be. Sure enough, no control via remote or touch screen. A reboot cures it. Not for you though. I hope I don’t encounter that. I only use the remote to turn the screen off.

Where is the remote receiver eye on the P20? It might have something blocking it.

The receiver eye is on the bottom of display, i hope there is nothing wrong inside.

PS Audio well send you a new remote, most likely for free.
Let’s panic later.

Nope, I am slightly worried.

Did you actually change the batteries?

Yes of course i did

Welcome, @St3fix !

Thank You Elk

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Last year, for my P20 won’t respond problem I tried several times. On the last try I left it off for hours overnight.
It did work after 3 tries.
You are using the toggle in the back of the P20 to turn it off?
Good luck

Yes i use the toggle to turn it off, i listen music on weekends only.

Is the Regenerator itself otherwise working correctly?

Yes the regenerator works perfectly, i use remote the most to turn off the display and for clean wave function.

Something similar happened to me two weeks ago. The P20 was unresponsive to the touch screen and the remote. I tried powering it down with the back switch and that didn’t work either. I unplugged it from the wall, waited long enough to make an espresso, plugged it back in, turned it on with the switch, and 30 seconds later all was well.


I have one ( of three) that’s finicky like yours. If the power glitches for a few seconds it will be brain dead until you pull the plug (and network cable), let it mellow out for a while, plug it back in and power it back up.
The other two aren’t nervous like their sibling is. :man_shrugging:


Every so often mine squeals like a small rodent.

Well stop stepping on it’s tail :grin:

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Rabbits are silent, right?


Naw they just leave little brown black pellets…
Just to let Al know they are around.

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