New Torreys ready for trial

Ok, guys. All the bugs should be gone. After hours and hours of listening, this one’s even better than the first. Have fun and please post on this thread your comments.

If we’re good, this will be the final release, perhaps on Monday.

Download here

Can’t get to it until tomorrow… Thanks Paul,looking forward to some audio fun!!!dancing-009_gif

Thank you, Paul.

Loaded without issue and will have comments tomorrow after I give it some time.

Paul McGowan said Ok, guys. All the bugs should be gone. After hours and hours of listening, this one's even better than the first. Have fun and please post on this thread your comments.

If we’re good, this will be the final release, perhaps on Monday.

Download here

Paul what is the status on the Roon code for the Bridge?


Awesome. Thanks to the team for working so hard to get this done. I’ve downloaded and installed with zero issues. I’ll run audio tests tonight and tomorrow.

Just downloaded it and now playing some Bob Seger.

Superb! Very natural and wide open soundstage with outstanding frequency response.

Paul, Will I need to download the final version Monday or am I all set?


Issues downloading on my iMac (the 5/6 files were in the zip, but empty)…after mulitple attempts, tried on MBA and it worked. Loaded and sitting down w a beer to enjoy.

Installed without any obvious problems here. Volume was not muted on startup. DSD via USB no longer has L/R channel swap. Sounds good.

My details screen shows:

Bootloader 1.13
Firmware 1.8.7
FPGA 0.112
USB 00.195
Rev 0135

I have tried several times to load the new Torres OS and the config screen after the update still says Yale and Firmware 1.6.4. From the last post, I can see that the Firmware version should be 1.8.7. I guess that I will try a different SD card.

Update: Different SD card and the upgrade worked the first time. The only other thing I did different was to copy the LOADER.CFG file first.

Loaded no problem. No Roon support visible on my network.

Anybody else using Audirvana Plus 1.5.12? With this new Torreys beta I seem to be unable to use Direct Mode, but I’m sure it worked with the initial beta.

EldRick said Loaded no problem. No Roon support visible on my network.
I believe that Roon support will arrive via an upgrade to the Bridge.

Loaded Torreys without a hitch. On my system it has a wider sound stage and instruments sound more natural. I listen to about 95 % symphonic orchestral music and what pleases me with Torreys is that it is easier to hear the different lines in polyphonic textures as well as the individual notes in the harmony.


Upgraded no problems. I noticed the improvements right away! Awesome job Ted and PSA! Stellar!


Any SQ comments vs first beta? I may not get to this load for a bit as I am going thru a comparison of my sons string quartets. He is getting 3 of them recorded in 192/24 for his portfolio so we have to rank them. Right now they are all MP3 synthetic instruments. :). Once done will load her up. Thx Tim.

I loaded TorreysB tonight with no issues. Two minor UI items to report upon initial boot - there is still no progress shown in the progress bar when Initializing (maybe just get rid of the bar?) and when it came up in Bridge mode it look a long time for the network icon to go from red to green, even though I was able to see the BII in JRiver and stream to it. Both very minor points.

I intended to load and spend about 20 minutes with a couple of my references before calling it a night. Here I am 90 minutes later, it was that good. The first Torreys brought the lower noise floor, additional detail, and more energy in the treble. TorreysB has all of that plus it seems like the sound stage has expanded dramatically both in width and depth. I started with some of my reference live jazz and orchestral music to ensure that nothing has been lost between B and Torreys1 and confirmed that. But I was quite shocked at the expanded sound staging. The width of the image was going out well beyond my speakers and the depth of the stage from front to rear, especially on orchestral music, was very realistic. Of course, with the improved detail, the hall ambiance was quite easy to hear on live recordings, as well.

Then I went through acoustic guitar, piano, male and female vocals, more jazz, opera, and eventually some classic rock. A lot of this was DSD and high res but I mixed in a lot of redbook CD rips as well. They all sounded so good that I couldn’t stop scrolling through JRemote finding new things to listen to. I have a 44.1K and DSD version of Kind of Blue and have always preferred the DSD version by a lot. I still prefer the DSD version with TorreysB but they are much closer. And I almost jumped out of my seat when I played 44.1 “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” off Led Zep I and Jimmy’s Gibson J-200 opened up about half way down the right wall of my listening room!

Ted, I don’t know how you did this magic but all I can say is thank you.


Is this applicable only to the DS DAC or also to the Junior?

One greatly appreciated upgrade is that gain control on the DS remains controllable by BubbleUPnP, both before and after using an IR remote. Strongly preferred vs. volume processing by the source device.

Oh, Yeah, and then there are those fairly stunning SQ and imaging improvements over even Beta1…

unfortunately i cannot check the new torreys until tonight, but i would be very interested to hear how this improvement came about in matter of 2 weeks.

Well Ted, I am coming directly from Yale tonight and TorreysB sounds incredible. All I can say is I am hearing more music than I ever did with the DS. Together with the recently acquired uRendu, I am using HQP/NAA up-sampling everything to DSD128, the entire setup became much more enjoyable. The Torreys takes everything and expands it to the next level - expansive soundstage, more intimacy, more air, more presence. I have been only 30mins into the listening (its only going to get better over time) but at times I can’t stop thinking that this is almost a hardware upgrade and for free smile

Congratulations Ted, Paul and PSA team. This is so great.

So, Torreys is done, now when are you, Ted, getting back to work on DS-II with DSD512 ? wink