Torreys Beta Testers Wanted. Apply within.

We’re ready to start beta testing Torreys, the upgrade from Yale. To my ears and our trusted panel’s ears, we’ve nailed it. It just kills Yale in every respect: presence, openness, you-are-there, ease of presentation, fullness and richness. Amazing work by Ted.

If you own a DirectStream and want to compare Torreys to Yale, and are willing to post your thoughts back on this thread, email me directly and let me know. I’ll probably grab the first 10 or 20 of you that respond.

Torreys is Roon Ready, though don’t expect Roon to work on your Bridge just yet. There’s a needed Bridge update that must go along with it to work. This will simply be a functional and a sonic check to make sure we didn’t miss anything critical.

Email me if you’re interested.

Does this also apply to those who own a DS but not with BII?

Hi Paul,

I would really like to take part in Torreys beta testing… I have tried to Email you direct - but it won’t let me ? I have been waiting patiently for months on the arrival of the new FW…

Here’s hoping…


You don’t need BII to beta test Torreys.

What do you mean it won’t “let you” email me?

Paul: You know I’ve been on the sidelines waiting for Torreys and (eventually) Roon Ready. Count me in. Email coming!

Email sent. Very excited :slight_smile:


Why not make a general beta release as was done with Yale? The over alll response could beneficial.


Me too!

Email sent.

email sent

Thank you

I don’t know if anyone else has had an opportunity to listen to Torreys yet so here are my first listening findings and observations.

The files did not load correctly the first try, I just had dead air playing, so I reloaded a second time and Torreys took hold.

The first track was Moon River from Jacintha’s / Autumn Leaves album.

The breathiness of her voice was much more natural and less labored, at times with Yale Final it can seem heavy.

Her vocals also took on a much more realistic proportion, they appeared a bit too large with Yale Final.

There was a sweetness to her voice that was not there with Yale Final.

The presentation was scaled further back in space and appeared to occupy more of that space.

The decay of vocals and piano notes extended greater in depth and width with Torreys than Yale Final.

Overall I would say that with this track Torreys transported you to the venue more realistically than Yale Final.

The second track was Hotel California from the Hell Freezes Over album.

At this point I thought that I had lost my listening abilities, but I was correct in what I was hearing.

The left and right channels reversed, yes that’s what I said, reversed!

How the first track could make such an impression with this anomaly I do not know.

Could some other Beta testers who have that track give it a play and report back?

I am nowhere near finished, but that is all for now.

Quick edit: I forgot to mention that after Torreys loads, the DS is muted, not a big deal, but not the same as Yale Final.

The bug is that the channels are correct for PCM and they are apparently backwards for DSD. I knew that we tested this earlier and things were correct, but as it turns out a newer version of the XMOS (USB processor) code swapped the DSD channels even tho they were in DoP !.. We’ll probably be able to fix this one without affecting sound quality at all.

There are some other bugs for you all to notice too :slight_smile:

If any of you get the no audio after upgrade problem could you try another input before you reboot and see if another input works or not and whether selecting another input and then selecting back to your first input works? Thanks.

Wow. Very exciting. I would be happy to do this. Email has been sent. Thanks to the crew. Tim.

Email sent, thanks!

Ted Smith said There are some other bugs for you all to notice too :)
I only tested tonight via Bridge II, so I didn't get a chance to listen to any DSD. The only other bug I noticed was in the firmware install the initialization bar doesn't show any progress in the bar. I just comes up, sits there with 0 progress showing, and then the next thing you get the main DS screen.

Jriver via JRemote over the Bridge II worked and sounded great!

Ted Smith said If any of you get the no audio after upgrade problem could you try another input before you reboot and see if another input works or not and whether selecting another input and then selecting back to your first input works? Thanks.
Ted, I got no audio the first time I loaded the new firmware. I tried switching outputs to no avail, so I rebooted. I still had no audio, so I again switched inputs to USB from Bridge II. This time I made sure there was an active audio signal on the USB. When I switched back to Bridge, I got audio.

Email sent! I hope that I’m not too late…

My overall impression of about 90 minutes of back to back listening is that Torreys has more detail than Yale.

One of my favorite test tracks in from the Chick Corea Trio album, the classic “Spain” played live with a 5 piece group consisting of flamenco guitar, flute, piano, double bass, and drums. There is a ton to listen for on this album. The decay of the acoustic guitar strings was more pronounced and seem to last a tad longer (maybe due to a blacker background?). The flute and acoustic piano both sound more natural and less sharp. The bowed double bass was well articulated and the notes were not smeared together. All of this is also true for Yale but Torreys just adds that little more. The biggest difference was in the resolution. There are a ton of percussion pieces used at the beginning - tambourine, bells, triangle, rattles, etc. With most equipment, including Yale, you can hear some of the highlights but not everything. With Torreys I hear every shake, rattle, and roll. Hi-hat and cymbals are better articulated and separated.

I listened to full orchestra, classical piano, male and female vocal, solo acoustic guitar, and be-bop jazz. The main theme across all of these was just a great sense of detail, better separation of instruments, and more natural sound, especially on sharp transients like you get with a piano being aggressively played or the front end of a trumpet note.

Tomorrow night I will listen to some DSD via USB (with and without Regen) and give AES a shot as well.


Email sent 4:57pm pacific time. Hope I didn’t miss out, VERY excited to try it out and (like a lot of people) I’ve been waiting on the sidelines for some time now. YAY!


My timing was off and missed Paul to get a copy of the Torreys Beta code. (although I sent an email no reply yet). That’s the trouble when I’m on the Day side when PS Audio is sleeping after a day’s work - vice versa .

Can someone kindly provide a link so I can download the files pleeese :-)