New tubes music sounds slower

Curious what causes this. I like what I’m hearing. I put two new sylvania 6sn7 gtb tubes in my Cary pre and things seem slower. I know Ted has mentioned something about lower noise causing this in the DSD after an upgrade. Can anyone shed some light? Thx Tim

The only thing I can think of based on you saying that the music sounds slower is that the attack and decay of the sounds you hear are prolonged by the way the tubes function.

Could that be it?


Well it could be. It makes sense. It’s just interesting that the pace of the song seems slower - but I ‘hear’ what you are saying.

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Found this online…

“Music may occasionally sound like it is faster or slower than usual due to a phenomenon known as temporal illusion, which occurs when the brain perceives the passage of time as being different than it actually is. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including the tempo and rhythm of the music, the complexity of the music, and the listener’s state of mind.

In some cases, music may sound faster when it is played at a fast tempo with a complex rhythm, as the brain may have difficulty keeping up with the rapid changes in the music. Similarly, music may sound slower when it is played at a slower tempo with a simple rhythm, as the brain may perceive the passage of time as being slower due to the lack of stimuli.

Overall, temporal illusion is a complex phenomenon that is influenced by a variety of factors, including the tempo and rhythm of the music, the complexity of the music, and the listener’s state of mind. As a result, music may occasionally sound like it is faster or slower than usual due to temporal illusion.”

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So… you’re saying I’m slow. :grinning:



What did the Sylvanias replace?

I think he’s saying the opposite.

Your brain is running fast, causing the music to seem like it has slowed down.


I had RCA black base - 1950s. So if I had any bias - it would be that the tube would sound ‘quicker’.

These sound pretty spectacular in the Cary.

Let me add a little. Top end is a little more sparkle. I’d say mid bass - like snare drum really seems to pop. They are very clear but I think the bass sounds good too - and they aren’t known for that I don’t think? I’ve heard them described as ‘rich’. I’d agree w that

Sorry let me add more dynamic than the rca as well. And I like the rca tubes.

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Haha. Ah ok. I have run into this before w upgrades. After awhile I adjust and everything sounds normal. But it’s weird. All I can think is that the original impression is the accurate one.

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I’m using RCA early 50’s VT-231’s in my preamp now and they are my current favorites. I also have pairs of Sylvania’s from 1943 GT’s to early 60’s GTB’s and as you generally find the Sylvania’s to be a bit more dynamic but not with the same “meat on the bones” as the early RCA’s and also a little more forward or sparkle.

I suspect if you stick with the Sylvania’s in a couple of days things will sound more back to “normal” and then it will come down to presentation. Though I own a good number of Sylvania’s have never been able to settle on them as daily drivers. For me it’s always been RCA, Raytheon or even early Hytron’s.

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I think like with anything - it’s a system synergy thing. I think between my pass amps /Cary pre/ and Maggie 20.7s - I was looking for a little snap.

Andy at vintage tube services made mention of me sending the rcas back and it sounded like he thought he could fix them.

Forgot to mention - I do have a set of rcas in the follower sockets.

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When I was running the Don Sachs preamp that had both an input and gain stage with 6SN7’s I was using the combo of RCA and Sylvania too. With the Supratek there is only one set of 6SN7’s as the second stage is occupied by 6L6’s in Mick’s designs. And yes you’re correct in that the complete combination determines which tube is best to each of our ears in each position.

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So these sylvania 6sn7 are sounding pretty fine w the Cary slp98p plus the pass x260.8s. The pass has a warmer mid bass I would say and I think the Cary tips that way even though it is direct coupled. I really don’t know how much the rca followers add to the sound but right now I feel like I’m getting the right sparkle / nice low end / and nice mids. When I get my current old gain stage rcas fixed - I can compare the two directly. I do think they are more dynamic (sylvania).

I have only had my first tube amp for a couple of months. I was using a Gryphon Vanta power cable and the sound seemed nice. I loaned the Vanta to a friend and switched to some fancy Synchopathic Research power cable. I really miss my Vanta! Now everything sounds clear but chill. Too chill. I have a V1 Shunyata Sigma that might warm it up. But the grayness factor. I miss my cable.


I think noise floor is what effects PRAT. Higher noise floor leaves hash between notes which leads to a sense of sluggishness. Tone to tone doesn’t slow down or speed up. It just seems that way relative to the existence or absence of noise.
At least that’s what I think, for now, with only one cup of morning coffee in me.

you mean buttocks?

While it does mean that, in the context of audio it is an acronym, shorthand for pace, rhythm, and timing.


That is the issue I had with an amp that I returned.

ha ha ha; my failed attempt at humor


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