New Wireworld HDMI cables

I’d check with @jamesh but I’m pretty sure the eARC cables are not compatible with I2S. Thunderbird is similar to Vodka but offers higher bandwidth transfer and a higher level of noise dissipation capabilities.

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You’re right. Audioquest informed us that their eARC cables should not be used for the I2S connection.

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The folks at the Music Room just told me that they’d work, but you shouldn’t use them. Just ordered the Thunderbird 48 HDMI cable.

Gary … interested in your thoughts on the Thunderbird 48 hdmi cable, when you receive it.
This can be ignored, I’ve seen your comments about the above cable in another thread.

The Music Room told you that the eARC cables work with I2S?

They did, but they said they wouldn’t suggest it versus the 48. I would double check with PS Audio to make sure though.

I heard from an Audioquest regional rep that eARC won’t work with I2S. When you see the price savings on the eARC compared to the new 48 series the first thing I thought was awesome huge savings! Then I found out it wouldn’t work. :frowning_face:

Okay good to know.

I’m listening to the Thunderbird 48 in my system right now, and I couldn’t be happier with the sound, worth every penny!

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That’s great to hear! You are the first that I have seen with experience with the new 48 series. I bought one of the last from the final batch of AQ Diamond HDMI and was wondering what the Thunderbird, Firebird, and Dragon 48’s would sound like.

Only other HDMI cables I’ve compared it to were the stock PS Audio cable and the Harmonic Technology Magic cable. The Thunderbird has better extension on the top and bottom end, it’s more dynamic, has a wider and deeper soundstage, along with greater clarity and detail.