New Yamaha TT with balanced out

Yamaha GT-5000

Tested at £5999 / $7999 / AU$12999

Yamaha GT-5000


I saw that review last week. The one red flag is the setup process looks a bit weird. I’ll have to re-read the review. I took it as the reviewer used the included strobe to dial in the speed at 33, but switching to 45 required a re-calibration every time he switches between the two speeds.

The GT-5000 has been a stocked item in the states at Music Direct for upwards of a year. I’ve thought about it a number of times. The amount of ink spilled by the reviewer on arm height adjustment has me thinking he can’t have owned a SME arm. Same deal with my SME 309 and all it takes is some patience. No biggie. Were I to consider a Japanese deck in that same price range, though, I’d seriously consider the Luxman PD-171A before pulling the trigger on the GT-5000. Around $1000 USD less MSRP. Astounding reviews. Built to the same standard (even including platter lift handles). A very nice tonearm pretty obviously sourced from Jelco. This one I have gotten close to buying.

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The Luxman looks like a real winner IMO. I’m sure both are built like a tank.

All great turntables, I like the new Thorens, in particular the TD1601. It also has balanced outputs and an ingenious semi automatic operation that does not cause mechanical movement/friction of any parts which could have a negative impact on sound quality.

Apparently Jelco are no more.

Yes, Jelco is out of business, SMC does not sell tonearms separately anymore. This certainly limits choices. Especially Jelco is a pity, they offered high end tonearms for about any wallet and allowed you to buy very good second hand turntables and upgrade them with a great tonearm.

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JELCO was on their way out before COVID-19, IIRC.